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Release Notes For Silhouette 3D®

V1.1.061 - 20 Dec 2018

20th December 2018

New Features

  • Modify Tools
    • 3D Weld
    • 3D Subtract
    • 3D Intersect
  • IME support for S3D added
  • Added the ability to use Library fonts
  • Contain search results in quotation marks to search the library for keywords
  • Mirror designs by adding a minus symbol to the dimensions input fields

Bug Fixes


  • Rotating objects no longer offsets the centre of the object
  • Selected shapes now move by 0.5mm when arrow keys are used and the grid is turned off (Press g)
  • Unlocked padlock UX has been updated
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to save a large file
  • Rotating scaled objects via the quick access toolbar no longer misshapes selected object
  • Arrow key movement is now taken into account when using the Undo & Redo functions
  • Opening a large file twice no longer crashes Silhouette 3D
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would pan endlessly when closing preferences
  • Removed file extension from document tab name
  • Improved Cookie Cutter import
  • Improved visibility of mouse controls


  • File properties no longer disappear when the file is modified
  • Added a properties page for Library files


  • All walls of sliced objects will now appear as expected
  • Improved default settings for the Draft, Standard and High-quality print profiles
  • Print Settings menu now closes when a profile is saved
  • The camera can now be panned once an object has been sliced (Middle-mouse button)
  • Print estimate no longer loops back to 00:00:00 after reaching 23:59:59


  • Silhouette 3D v1.1 artwork has been updated
  • Fit to screen zoom window has been re-added
  • Unsupported files are now hidden from view in the File > Open window
  • View menu options now toggle successfully when selected
  • Russian translations have now been added
  • S3D now displays a warning message when opening studio files with unsupported features
  • Ensured all files opened with the correct color
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Fixed an issue in which S3D would crash when launched on Chinese operating systems
  • Fixed an issue in which S3D would launch with a black screen on Mac OS 10.14