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Release Notes

V4.1.468 - 27 Jul 2018

31 July 2018

Standard Edition and above fixes


  • Premium Fonts are now ready to use without needing to close Studio
  • Credentials can now be entered successfully when using ‘Import Library’
  • ‘Import Library’ will now ask where user-created content should be placed
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using ‘Update Library’
  • Updated ‘Sync’ and ‘Remove User’ tooltips

Send to Machine

  • Major reworks to Bluetooth
  • Fixed the slow cutting issue that occurred when sending cut lines to Silhouette Devices
  • Studio no longer crashes when sending designs with complicated contours
  • Underlined text is now successfully sent to Silhouette machines
  • The material drop-down list now contains a search bar to filter through materials
  • Material drop-down list arrow no longer truncates long material names
  • Cut job estimate now displays for queued jobs
  • Cut jobs can now be sent to Silhouette machines in a 'Connection Auto-released’ status
  • Multiple ‘User Defined’ materials can now be deleted with the on-screen minus button
  • ‘New Silhouette Detected’ message no longer displays on each launch of Studio
  • ‘New Silhouette Detected' message correctly appears when a Silhouette machine is connected for the first time
  • CAMEO® 3 rollers now stop when the mouse is no longer clicking on a directional arrow
  • Instructions now display when cut jobs are sent with ‘Manual Registration’ active
  • Fixed truncations that were occurring on low-resolution screens
  • CAMEO® 3 & Curio™ features remain accessible even if the software is restarted & device is not connected
  • Fixed the slowdown that occurred when moving objects within the Send Panel
  • Fixed incorrect cutting of Bezier curves with some files (including Silhouette Design Store Files)

Sticky Notes

  • Sticky Notes no longer appear within ‘Action by: Fill’
  • Single-click Sticky Notes to input text
  • Sticky Notes can no longer be modified with design tools

Text to Path

  • Fixed an issue where the Text to Path slider could not be adjusted


  • Scale slider has been re-implemented

Knife Tool

  • Un-applied Knife lines can no longer be sent to Silhouette machines

Point Editing

  • Toggle buttons are now correctly highlighted on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Shapes remain selected when ‘Convert to Path’ is used

Quick Access Toolbar

  • The default 'Move To' snap point is now correctly set to top-left position


  • Rounded Offset is now greyed out when Internal Offset is selected


  • Fixed the black screen rendering issue that was affecting HP/Acer laptops with Intel HD 620, and other setups
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Silhouette Studio to interrupt the internet connection while Bluetooth was enabled on machines that had dual-band wifi / Bluetooth adapters
  • Studio no longer crashes on launch for Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8 machines
  • Attempting to rapidly open files no longer crashes Studio
  • Documents with lots of stipple points and sketch lines no longer crash Studio
  • Connecting to a CAMEO® 3 via Bluetooth on MacOS no longer crashes Studio
  • Mac OS error windows no longer display behind Studio
  • Fixed issue that occurred when attempting to upload files that crashed Studio
  • Fixed Error when attempting to install Studio into a location that goes above the standard character limit for Windows OS
  • Fixed issue that occurred on MAC OS when attempting to install Studio
  • (Defaults) -> (Blade Type) preference has been successfully reimplemented
  • ‘Snap to Grid’ can now be found within the View file menu
  • ‘Send to Silhouette – Making the First Cut’ tutorial has been updated for the new Send to Machine layout
  • Cardstock, Plain - Score now has a default Blade Setting of 1
  • Default settings for ‘Sticker Paper, Glitter’ updated to: Blade Depth: 2, Speed: 2 & Force: 25
  • Fixed an issue where a flashing black box would appear within the Preference and Send pages
  • Added preference to turn data collected for Beta improvements On/Off
  • Double-clicking a Floating Panel header will collapse/expand the panel
  • Additional tool tips added
  • Improved existing tool tips for panel tabs and buttons
  • Updated Korean Translation for Store Navigation Tab
  • Fixed an ‘Out of Bounds’ exception crash that was being experienced on start-up
  • Improved Japanese Translations
  • Additional crash logging has been implemented to improve the reports sent to the development team

Designer Edition and above fixes

Center of Rotation

  • The ‘Centre of Rotation’ tool no longer displays unexpectedly while rotating shapes


  • Glyphs now scale correctly within their thumbnails


  • 'Release Warp' is now 10x faster


  • Layer order has been updated to better represent the order of designs on the workspace
  • Curved Shapes now display as ‘Curved Shapes’ within the Layers panel

Magnet Trace

  • The Select tool is now chosen once a Magnet Trace has been completed
  • Magnet Trace Preview lines can no longer be sent to Silhouette Devices
  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to lines when the size is less than 20%
  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to fill coloured vector designs

Trace by Color

  • Trace by Color no longer crashes Studio if the Syringe is dragged outside trace area
  • Trace by Color tolerance slider now works as expected


  • Nesting now successfully interlocks designs that contain Bezier paths
  • Fixed crash that occurred when attempting to Nest designs

File Support

  • Studio no longer crashes when loading SVG files that contain nested layers or pattern/filter elements
  • Studio no longer crashes when 'Release Warp' is used on a textured image where the texture is very large
  • Fixed an ‘Out of Memory’ issue which occurred when opening large Adobe Illustrator files
  • Studio no longer crashes when overwriting a PDF while the PDF is open in Microsoft Edge

Designer Plus Edition and Above

Advanced Rhinestones

  • Advanced Rhinestones are now applied in the same manner as Basic Rhinestones

Business Edition fixes

Media Layout Setup

  • Text objects now remain within Media Layout View’s cut border
  • Studio no longer crashes when resizing the Media Layout Split Screen Window
  • Removed ellipsis from the panel heading

Weed Lines

  • Weed Lines now behave as expected when ‘Only Shapes on Media’ is active
  • Weed Lines now use Tool 1’s settings when sent to Silhouette Machines via ‘Action by: Simple’