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Release Notes

V1.0.169 - 27 Jul 2018

17th July 2018

Bounding Box Updates

  • Rotation wheels are now proportional to objects after scaling
  • Shapes now scale correctly when multiple shapes are selected
  • The bounding box will no longer appear offset from selected models when using ‘Select All’ or ‘Shift + Click’

File Support Updates

  • Added the ability to open multiple files from the File -> Open window
  • When drag and dropping multiple Stl/Obj files into S3D, a dialogue window appears to ask if you would like to scale all files by the same % if one of the files would be too big to fit on the print bed

Library Updates

  • File size now displays correctly for downloaded designs

Menu Updates

  • Added an ‘Instructional Videos’ link to the Help menu
  • The following options have been added to the ‘Object’ file menu:
    • Rotate 90 degrees (X-Axis)
    • Rotate 90 degrees (Z-Axis)
    • Duplicate
    • Level to bed
    • Centre to Bed

Preferences Updates

  • Added a Preference Window to Silhouette 3D, this can be found in the ‘Edit’ file menu. From here you will be able to select the following:
    • Language
    • Units of measurement (Inches (Default) or MM)
    • Set the behaviour when opening a model larger than the Print Bed
    • Check for Updates frequency

Quick Access Toolbar Updates

  • Dimensions and scaling can be aspect locked on/off
  • Dimensions now update in real time
  • Dimensions now successfully update when selecting a new model
  • Dropdown added for Dimensions, Rotation and Scale
  • Fonts are now ordered alphabetically rather than by capital letters
  • Pressing TAB / Shift-TAB applies inputted values
  • S3D files now show the correct dimensions when opened

Register Updates

  • Added a register Alta prompt on launch

General Updates

  • Added the ability to hold ‘Alt’ and left-click drag a model to duplicate
  • Continual pasting now successfully offsets all models, not just the first
  • Keyboard shortcuts have now been implemented
  • New document tabs are now always visible on the document tab bar
  • New document tab button position now matches SS
  • Objects that are exactly 5.12 inches / 130mm will now slice as expected
  • Store navigational button now takes you to
  • Zoom to selection now works as expected