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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.1.426 - 12 Mar 2018

12 March 2018

Standard Edition and Above

  • Major reworks to Bluetooth
  • Fixed the Mac 10.13 crash on start-up issue
  • Fixed the black screen rendering issue that was affecting HP/Acer laptops with Intel HD 620, and other setups
  • Library processing time on launch has been optimized
  • Studio no longer crashes if the Text Style panel is opened before the fonts are fully initialized
  • The new SDS font family designs can be now be installed from within the library
  • Silhouette Design Store tabs no longer get created behind Studio
  • Underlined text is now successfully sent to Silhouette Machines
  • Default settings for ‘Sticker Paper, Glitter’ updated to:
    • Blade Depth: 2
    • Speed: 2
    • Force: 25

Designer Edition and Above

  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to lines when the size is less than 20%
  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to fill colored vector designs
  • Trace by Color no longer crashes Studio if the Syringe is dragged outside trace area
  • Trace by Color tolerance slider now works as expected
  • SVG’s created from external software now scale correctly when imported into Studio