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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.1.124 - 14 Jul 2017

14 July 2017

V4.1 NEW features:

Standard Edition   

  • Font Improvements - Find commonly used Fonts instantly. Font Style lists now include a ‘Most frequent fonts’ and ‘Most recent fonts’ category
  • Sticky Notes - Display Sticky Notes and save them with a design
  • Popup - Create basic Pop-Up cards

Designer Edition

  • Glyphs - new Glyph tab found within the Text Style panel to add glyphs to the Workspace
  • Font Management - Font Style lists includes categories for Library fonts in folders and subfolders

Designer Edition Plus

  • Conical Warp - New Warp tool feature to warp objects to a conical shape

Business Edition

  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • SVG/PDF/JPEG export  (Note: Exported SVG’s will not contain Silhouette Design Store files)

Bug Fixes and Updates:


  • Fixed issue where popup defaults were not working well with text objects
  • Fixed crash when creating a new material with no action
  • Fixed crash when attempting to duplicate Silhouette materials
  • Quick Access Toolbar now updates to new tool setting after point editing
  • Added Convert to Path to the Quick Access Toolbar when Point Edit tool is selected
  • Fixed a crash when applying a warp to tiny objects (Designer Edition)
  • Fixed crash when undoing changes to Warp Panel value (Designer Edition)
  • Warp menu items are now under one item ‘Panel’ instead of separate items (Designer Edition)

Send to Machine

  • New and improved layout and workflow for Send to Machine
  • "Thickness" is now called "Force"
  • Line Segment Overcut now defaults to 0.1mm
  • Newly added Silhouette material settings

Text Style

  • Font styles can now be selected with the keyboard arrow keys within the Text Style panel
  • Fixed issue where selecting ‘Make Compound Path’ on a Text object that is currently being edited would cause the object to be deleted
  • Text Style drop down successfully displays the default font (Mac)
  • Font list is now organized 0 – Z instead of A – 0

Quick Access Toolbar

  • Distribute Horizontally/Vertically are included on the dynamic toolbar when 3 or more shapes are selected
  • Centre to page icon now shows on the dynamic toolbar when one shape is selected

Point Editing

  • Using 'Convert to Path' on a rounded shape no longer creates hundreds of unwanted nodes


  • ‘Fonts’ folder now displays a small '+' and '-' icon when sub-folders are present

General Adjustments

Standard Edition (and above)

  • Select tool is chosen after zooming, preference available to continue zooming
  • CTRL + Left Mouse Click now opens right-click context menu on MAC
  • White line no longer appears on the PixScan panel while in the dark theme
  • Panel tabs are correctly aligned to the title and subtitle of panel
  • Swedish and Polish language updates

Designer Edition (and above)

  • DE knife tools successfully display when updating to DE or above

Business Edition (and above)

  • Business Edition Artwork now displays correctly within the About box

Crash Reporting

  • A new and improved logging system has been added so any time a crash occurs, our development team can work on a fix ASAP