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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.0.623 - 11 May 2017

11 May 2017

  • New updated look – New modernized software look and feel.
  • Updated navigation – The Design, Store, Library, and Send navigation is now located in the upper right-hand side of the software allowing quick and easy toggling between viewing the design workspace versus shopping, navigating through the library, or sending jobs to the Silhouette.
  • Send to Silhouette revamp – The method of sending jobs to the Silhouette now walks users through the process of preparing a job to be sent to a Silhouette machine. This includes steps to select the material type and then define the job settings.
  • Floating panels – Users can open and move around multiple panels for increased control.
  • Dynamic Toolbar – A new dynamic toolbar located along the top section of the Design workspace will provide shortcuts to quickly adjust selected object properties depending on what is being selected (i.e. quickly adjust fill color, line color, or even font style if text is being selected).
  • New project start-up options – Optional new document startup found under the File menu which allows you to quickly start new project types (i.e. blank document, card, Print & Cut, PixScan, etc). Depending on the document type selected, the program will automatically open appropriate panels.
  • Improved Tracing features – In addition to the previous tracing options, V4 offers a “Trace by Color” and “Magnet Trace” option (Designer Edition version and above only).
  • Object on Path feature - Found in the "Replicate" panel, this option allows you to replicate images around the path of another object.
  • Tutorials feature – A new “Tutorials” tool is now found under the “Help” menu. This walks users through how to use various software tools.