All Silhouette machines are capable of using the Print & Cut feature. With Print & Cut, you can use your free Silhouette Studio® software to create a design (or use a Print & Cut design from the Silhouette Design Store) and print it out on your home printer. Once you have your printed image, you can simply take the printed material and feed it into the Silhouette. The Silhouette's built-in optic scanner will find the registration marks on your printed material and take care of the rest!

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Design your Print & Cut project.



Send your design directly from Silhouette Studio® to your home printer and print.



Load the printed design into your Silhouette and cut.


What can I make using the Print & Cut feature?

The Print & Cut feature is ideal for:

  • Cutting custom stickers
  • Organizing with custom lablels for the office
  • Designing tags for gifts
  • Creating temporary tattoos
  • Personalizing party invitations
  • Making gift cards
  • Creating printables
  • Customizing apparel
  • And more!

What do I need?

To create your own Print & Cut projects, you'll need:

  • A Silhouette electronic cutting tool
  • Free Silhouette Studio® software
  • A design to print (you can create your own or choose one from the Silhouette Design Store)
  • Material to print on (this could be anything from sticker paper to printable heat transfer material)
  • A home printer
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Silhouette Print & Cut materials

Head over to the shop and check out our printables, which are great for any Print & Cut project:

  • Printable heat transfer for light fabrics
  • Printable heat transfer for dark fabrics
  • Printable magnet paper
  • Printable adhesive kraft paper
  • Printable cotton canvas
  • Printable gold foil
  • Printable silver foil
  • Printable clear sticker paper
  • Printable white sticker paper
  • Temporary tattoo paper
  • Printable glow-in-the-dark sticker paper
  • Printable adhesive cardstock
  • Printable cotton fabric