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Cutting Machine Loading Overview & Troubleshooting


The information below is intended to help you with proper machine loading methods.

You can also click here to download a quick reference guide.

Rolled materials may bunchg during the loading process, especially if the material is curling downward. This can be especially difficult with wider rolls of 12 inches or more when using larger machines.

In order to successfully load rolled materials into the machine without them bunching, you will need to ensure that the material is held taught from side to side so that the leading edge being fed into the machine is as straigt and uncurled as possible.

When using larger material sizes (12 inch width and larger) with the Cameo4 series models (Cameo, Cameo Plus, and Cameo Pro), we recommend loading your cutting mat or material using the delayed loading method. This method allows you to use both of your hands to hold onto both sides of the material as you are loading it into the machine.

To use the delayed loading method:

  1. Adjust your rollers to match your material size
  2. Press the load button (UP arrow) on the machine
  3. The button will begin to flash, indicating that it is ready to load the material 
  4. Line up the left edge of the cutting mat with the left-most guide mark. The right edge of the material should be aligned with the right-hand roller.
    ⚠ NOTE: Make sure the top edge of the mat or material is flush against the roller bar.
  5. After the machine senses the material is in place, the machine will grip the material and load it into the machine

If your rollers are not engaging to grip your mat or material during the loading process, if you are usinga Cameo model, the first thing to do is to check the roller lock lever. The lock lever is the lever on the inside right-hand side of the machine. This lever locks and unlocks the roller bar in order to allow you to adjust the pinch roller for different material size settings. The lock lever must be in the locked position so that the lever is pointing forward in order for the rollers to be able to properly grip and load your mat or material.

Otherwise, please perform the steps below to clear any possible obstruction:

  1. Power off the machine
  2. Ensure the roller bar lock lever (right side of the machine) is in the 'lock' position (pointing straight up) in order to keep the bar locked in place
  3. Place your palms on the roller bar
  4. Try to push the roller bar past whatever resistance you encounter while spinning
    ⚠ NOTE: The roller bars should spin easily back and forth after pushing past the obstruction

This typically should resolve the issue of the roller bar so that the machine will load the mat correctly.

If the roller bar does not move, this means there is an obstruction inside the mechanism. Please repeat the steps above to clear the obstruction. You can apply more force to roll the bar in order to try to bring the obstruction to the surface.

Additionally, you can turn the machine upside-down onto your lap or knee and proceed to roll the bar. If a piece of adhesive material has been lodged between the bars, we recommend using a pair of tweezers to remove it once it can be seen.

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