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Release Notes

V4.4.455 - 08 Dec 2020

8th December 2020

New Features!

  • Firmware 1.13 for Cameo 4 has been added to Silhouette Studio
    • Enables mat sensor loading on Cameo 4 models - you can now press load, line up your mat, wait 3 seconds and the Cameo 4 will automatically load your material 
    • Fixes outstanding issues with cut offsets on the Cameo 4 Pro
    • Various small fixes and improvements

Standard Edition Fixes

  • Fixed crash on launch affecting many users
  • Fixed several other crashes and improved stability
  • Files saved in a .jpg/png format now respect DPI settings in the Export Bitmap window
  • .Studio3 file loading speed is improved
  • Mobile SPF data is only saved to a file if the file is saved to the library and uploaded to the cloud (reduces file size)
  • Studio window will now maximise on Mac
  • Fixed backwards compatibility crash with certain files created in current version 
  • Paid-for features no longer appear in Preferences when in Standard Edition
  • Added a preference for the scrollbar to be on the left
  • Dropdown now reads 'Continue using eyedropper' rather than 'Zoom out' in the Tools section of Preferences
  • Page Setup Panel no longer appears over send page
  • Help menu hyperlinks now work correctly
  • Design
  • Improved software usability while the font panel is open
  • Fine-tuned selection of objects in design view
  • Now possible to scroll to the right when Studio is zoomed in
  • Eraser size is no longer displaying incorrect size
  • Space no longer appears between file tabs when opening more files than the window can display
  • Resizing font no longer causes it to come out of its bounding box
  • Transparent PNGs are no longer losing their transparency on import
  • Cut border no longer goes off the mat if the media size is set to custom
  • Printer media option now updates when you set the page size in the Printer Page Setup window
  • Going into Print Page Settings and then pressing OK no longer flips the Right and Top margin value
  • Print margins no longer shrink when pressing OK when Windows region formatting is set to US
  • The 'Printer' media option now displays in the user's chosen units
  • Added menu item and keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+J) for Simplify
  • Eyedropper colors will now add to Color Palettes
  • Added a preference to disable automatic Print Preview
  • Print preview no longer appears at an incorrect orientation when using Curio
  • Text bounding box no longer expands to much larger than the text
  • Added a 'Show Panel' button to the Point Edit Quick Access Toolbar
  • Height box on the Quick Access Toolbar will now display values greater than 32.808ft
  • Scale and Move actions no longer trigger twice when selected from the Quick Access Toolbar
  • It is no longer possible to move the right-hand reg marks beyond the cut bounds
  • Added tooltip containing font name when hovering over text
  • Added Japanese translation for Line Spacing
  • Added translations for 'New Palette Name...'
  • Increased 'Save as PNG/JPEG' max. size to 10000 pixels on longest side
  • Font subheadings are now more visible in the dark theme
  • Glyphs panel visibility improvements in dark theme
  • It is now possible to single-click to select warped shapes
  • Ctrl + Function Keys now open panels after going to to Send Screen
  • Improved appearance of the Cameo 4 Pro mat display
  • Cameo PixScan now appears on the mat list when Cameo Plus or Pro is the selected cutter
  • Greyed out compression/repeats slider for line patterns where they have no effect
  • Changing the Default outline color in Preferences now updates the Quick AccessToolbar
  • Emboss/Deboss fill patterns are blue lines again
  • Design area no longer overhangs cut mat on Curio when 'Constrain Mat' is ticked and orientation is portrait
  • "More Colours" RGB value entry is no longer missing from gradient panel


  • Improved stability when accessing very large libraries
  • Fixed issues with specific user accounts crashing on sync
  • Fixed failure to save over certain user designs in a Library
  • Sign in button is enabled when pasting information into login and password box
  • Default Library folders now translate when changing language
  • Pasting a deleted item in the Library no longer causes a crash
  • Opening a Print & Cut file from the Library will now turn on Registration Marks, if they are not already on
  • You can no longer move files that aren't fonts to the fonts folder
  • Delete key now sends items to the recycling bin
  • Deleting a account no longer causes two confirmations to appear


  • It is now possible to remove Bluetooth cutters from the machine list
  • Unrestricted the Rotary Blade downforce
  • Autoblade will no longer adjust twice when cut and cut edge are used on the same design in simple mode
  • Studio now displays a dialog box to ask if the customer would like to switch to a machine that they have just plugged in
  • A warning displays if SEND is pressed when no cutting mat or media have been loaded into the Cameo 4
  • Changed 'Tool' to 'Carriage' when it refers to the tool holder rather than a blade
  • Added Pop-Out Cut for copy paper
  • Added new sticker sheet material settings
  • Portrait 3 no longer shows Portrait 1 icon
  • Smart Cut no longer creates unnecessary cuts for dashed lines
  • Headers now extend to the full width of the Cut by Line section
  • Fixed crash in Cut by Line for specific files
  • Improved the "Action Not Found" readability
  • Cutting mat too wide message no longer appears when Page Setup is set to Auto with Cameo detected
  • The 'do not turn off your machine' message no longer refers to Cameo when updating Portrait 3
  • Added the Material search bar to the Line/Fill/Layer tabs
  • Weld / cut outline toggle is no longer inverted in Cut by Line / Fill / Color
  • You can no longer set a Portrait 3 speed to 30
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl warning message no longer appears incorrectly when sending to Portrait 3
  • The 'Cut lines overlapping the cut border' dialog no longer appears with unwelded fonts
  • Changed the Default feed value from 0.0mm to 100mm
  • Mirror option should now mirror shapes along the vertical centreline of shapes on the cut area, rather than the centerline between all shapes
  • Changed color and wording of the Load Media status to 'Ready to Load Media' to reduce user confusion
  • When using no mat and landscape orientation, 'cutting mat is too wide' message no longer appears
  • Blade depth wheel no longer animates upon saving a material
  • Translations for Tools match the French/Spanish translations on the packaging
  • Fixed Russian translations on the Send panel

Designer Edition and Above

  • Using View in > Hide email no longer takes you back to Design view
  • Disabling the Weed Line layer in Cut by Line/Fill/Layer no longer hides the Weed lines in Design View
  • It is now possible to select which Library a Barcode is saved to from the dropdown
  • Updated the Barcode description to remove "Requires Cameo 3" line