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Release Notes

V1.5.091 - 27 Apr 2020

20th April 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mat Selection was displaying the Media Selection values
  • 15x15 inch mat is now selectable in the Mat Selection
  • Added Cameo 4 / Cameo 4 Plus FW Version 1.08
  • Fixed an issue where srt_helper and srt_bluetooth would stay running after force closing SC
  • Curio and Portrait 1 now correctly perform the Kraft Cut action
  • Fixed an issue where selection “I don’t agree” on the EULA caused a crash
  • Default blade depth for the material: Shrink Plastic, has been updated to a value of 6
  • Fixed a translation error where the Spanish for On/Off were reversed in the Registration Mark window
  • Silhouette Connect now warns users if their material has no cut settings when they press send
  • Punch logic has been updated to generate on all materials and improve speed of generation