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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.4.046 - 12 Feb 2020

11th of Febuary 2020

New Features!

  • Smart Snapping - re-position shapes easily with smart snap guides!
  • Print Preview - see a preview of how your Print & Cut job will print before you send.
  • Transparent PNG Auto-Trace - drag PNG files with transparent backgrounds to create instant cut lines around the solid areas of your image!

Standard Edition Fixes

  • Certain PNG files no longer fail to import into Studio
  • Fixed log file cleanup
  • 32-bit Release versions are no longer displaying the beta dialog upon startup
  • Font installer is now verified
  • Application window size is now remembered on start-up
  • 'Restore factory defaults' no longer causes Studio to crash

Design Fixes

  • Added a shortcut key (S) to toggle smart snapping on and off
  • Image scale is now transferred correctly when using the eye dropper tool
  • Warping no longer creates many more points than necessary on a filled shape
  • Specify Dimensions section is now disabled when no object is selected
  • Moved Print Bleed to the 'Registration Marks' panel
  • Restored the Custom option in the media size dropdown of Page Setup
  • Page Setup sliders are now more accurate
  • You can no longer snap to hidden guides
  • Pressing 'i' to select Eyedropper no longer causes Cross-hairs to become frozen
  • Applying a new default orientation now greys out the "Apply" button
  • Default blade choice in preferences is now working
  • All options in the Display tab of preferences now work as expected
  • Preference window buttons now fit Mac OS OK/Close conventions
  • Removed 'Silhouette Device Connections' options from Preferences
  • Text panel advanced options now work with Dark Theme
  • Added an 'X' to Sticky Note top-right corner when sticky note is active
  • Sticky Notes can now be edited once the file has been saved
  • Added a 'Do you want to delete this Sticky Note' warning when a note with text is deleted
  • Sticky Notes can now be re-scaled
  • Created a Dynamic Toolbar for Sticky Notes
  • Sticky Notes can no longer be resized to the point the text is pushed out of the note
  • Pan Pattern icon now moves with a shape
  • The Silhouette icon on the Toolbar is no longer pixelated
  • Zoom is no longer reset when you switch from design to send
  • Glyphs panel is no longer white in the Dark Theme
  • Add a checkbox on page setup for ‘constrain media to cutting mat’

Send Fixes

  • Renaming a duplicated material no longer crashes Studio.
  • Sketch Pen settings have been updated to improve the "Dragging lines" issue
  • Stipple sorting has been re-added
  • Barcode cuts are now more reliable
  • Adjusted the Send Panel dropdown UI
  • Default punch force is now 7 and can be set higher if required
  • Cardstock, Plain and Cardstock, Textured emboss settings have been corrected
  • Added Rotary Cut action to Crepe Paper
  • Blade Depth dial for 3mm Kraft Blade now goes up to 30 in all areas
  • Calibration distance adjustment lines are now printing
  • Increased the maximum force to 23 for Rotary Blade

Library Fixes

  • 'Could not sync' message is now more obvious
  • Update to Library cached image access
  • Speed improvements to Library UI

Designer Edition & Above Fixes

  • Pop-up now uses its own line colours, rather than the default line style
  • Exported SVGs with Compound Paths should now render correctly in other programs
  • Studio no longer crashes when opening the glyph tab of the font creation panel or the text panel on Mac
  • Media area is now correct when editing font glyphs
  • Opening another panel whilst editing a glyph no longer closes the glyph
  • UI no longer flickers when upgrading/downgrading
  • Nesting boundary is no longer incorrect when using registration marks
  • Puzzle sliders no longer intermittently fail
  • Using 'Puzzle Selected Shape' on an image fill no longer results in a tiled image
  • Designs should no longer be able to be pasted into locked Layers
  • Page no longer resets to 12 inches when adjusting size in Media Layout view
  • Added units of measurement to 'Margin' and 'Nesting' sliders in Media Layout View