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Release Notes

V4.3.370 - 24 Jan 2020

24th January 2020

New Features

  • Support for the Cameo 4 Plus

Bug Fixes

  • Curio now performs 2mm Kraft blade action
  • Studio no longer crashes when opening embroidery files
  • Punches are now displayed in voids in overlapping compound paths and in the correct areas of surrounded paths.
  • Studio no longer crashes when switching between layers after adding the punch tool
  • Studio no longer crashes when machine becomes disconnected during Punch job
  • Punch tool is no longer performed when not enabled
  • Icon for Punch action buttons has been changed
  • Punch is now generating marks on larger regions
  • Punch Tool now ignores Weed Lines and Lines with 'No Cut' or 'Pen' actions
  • Punch Marks no longer show when you connect a Cameo 4 without a Punch Tool
  • Punch tool action no longer disappears if you disable it
  • Punch Tool is now called the correct name
  • You can no longer send a design to be 'cut out' by the punch tool
  • Adding weed lines to a design no longer places the punch tool holes in the wrong place
  • Removed the tool selection for punch tool
  • Added Punch actions to Default Materials
  • Made Punch holes easier to see on Send Panel Preview
  • Punch settings are no longer being displayed on materials without the punch action Updated the speed of the default Punch actions
  • Improved backward compatibility of files saved with Kraft Blade, Rotary Blade & Punch Tool settings
  • A large punch icon no longer appears when using Select by Line
  • An offset is no longer being applied to punch edge
  • Auto (Punch) action will not produce punch marks if Punch is set to Auto