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Release Notes

V4.3.341 - 01 Nov 2019

1st November 2019

New Features!

  • Added support for the Rotary Blade:
  • Rotary blade uses Smart Cut technology to create orientation loops and hooks for the Rotary Blade
  • Change the size, force and overcut of Smart Cut loops in the Rotary Cut material settings.
  • Added Support for 2mm and 3mm Kraft Blades:
  • Kraft Cut is now an available action on supported materials and custom material settings. 
  • Automatic Punch hole generation for the Cameo 4 Punch Tool: 
  • Insert a Punch Tool into your Cameo 4, choose a supported material, and Studio will automatically generate punch marks along the path of or in the spaces around your cut lines.

Bug Fixes

  • Matless Cut is now referred to as Pop-out Cut
  • Pop-out Cut is now an action rather than a setting:
  • To use Pop-out Cut, create a Custom Material, add a Cameo 4 Tool 1 tab, and then add a Pop-out Cut action.
  • Reset Default Materials button no longer causes a crash
  • Removed matless cutting settings from Cameo 4 Tool 2 settings tab
  • Cameo4 Tool 2 and CE Lite-50 material settings tabs no longer default to the action used in the default tab
  • Fixed a crash when adding all available actions to a custom materialBlade depth slider is not showing for custom materials
  • You can now add a new Cameo 4 Tool 1/2 tab to a duplicate of a default material
  • Cameo 4 Tool Detection is now picking up the correct Kraft Blade for the correct carriage
  • PixScan Portrait files are no longer opening as blank
  • PixScan jobs are no longer cutting with an offset
  • First Print and Cut job upon loading mat is no longer cutting offset
  • Adding a color to a custom color palette no longer causes a crash
  • Adding colours from a pattern-filled shape or an image to a custom palette no longer causes a crash
  • White lines in DXF files are now respecting the color choice in import settings