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Release Notes

V4.3.273 - 03 Oct 2019

3rd October 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with bad cuts with older files should now be resolved
  • Fixed an issue on some Windows OS devices that caused Silhouette Studio to display incorrectly (Black Screen issue)
  • The blade depth dial should no longer vanish when working with older files
  • Opening the 'Select by color' panel no longer causes a crash
  • Cameo 3 and Portrait 2 are now defaulting to AutoBlade
  • Added instructions about pen colour to Font Creation
  • Non-default tabs are now highlighting when the options contained in them are selected
  • There are no longer Dutch translations when set to the German language
  • Carriage position arrows now work with CE-Lite 50
  • Missing Glow-in-the-Dark Heat Transfer settings
  • CE-Lite 50 blade depth is now displayed
  • Now able to open Preferences via the Edit menu after going the Send page
  • Change Clear Sticker Paper blade depth to 2 and force to 25 
  • Panels that are too long to be seen on laptop screens now have a scroll bar
  • Minimum sketch spacing now matches the distance displayed
  • Increased the size of the Eye-dropper tool found in the Fill/Line Colour panels
  • Added tool-tips to the font creation panel tab icons
  • Created new icons for panel tabs
  • Incorrect text no longer appears in context menu when multiple user-defined materials have been selected
  • Border has been added to the 'Source' label
  • Incorrect text is no longer appearing in layer panel
  • Add a shortcut for File > Merge (Ctrl + Shift + O)
  • Line patterns now resize correctly
  • New device message no longer has truncated 'OK' button