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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.3.263 - 27 Sep 2019

27th September 2019

New Features in 4.3!

Standard Edition & Above Features

  • Added support for CAMEO 4.
  • Added support for CE-LITE-50.
  • New Machine-First Workflow:
    • Choose your Silhouette machine in Page Setup to see a simple list of compatible options.
  • Color Palettes:
    • See a list of recent colors and create custom color palettes for your projects.
  • 64-bit support.

Designer Edition Plus Feature

  • Line Patterns
    • Add a range of line patterns to your designs

Bug Fixes

Standard Edition Fixes


  • Improved modification tools to stop loss of detail
  • A new 5x7 page size has been implemented 
  • Using the Eraser or Knife on a grouped object no longer breaks the path for all shapes within the group
  • Using the Eraser or Knife on a compound path object no longer breaks the path for all shapes within the compound path
  • Silhouette Studio will no longer crash when attempting to print
  • Negative coordinate values now display correctly within the Move panel text fields
  • The tutorial page now closes when a tutorial is opened
  • Print & Emboss panel information is no longer truncated
  • Page icon has been reinstated to appear on the Curio icon
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars weren’t appearing when they should
  • Removed animation that occurred when switching between landscape and portrait
  • Shapes are now selected correctly when pasted in with Ctrl + F
  • The ‘About’ box is no longer blank in Non-English languages
  • Objects no longer default to Cut Edge when ‘Solid Fill’ is the default in preferences
  • Node count no longer decreases when using Divide or Subtract All
  • Panel tooltips no longer appear behind the mouse cursor
  • Guidelines now save with files
  • ‘Move to’ values are no longer blank when multiple objects are selected in the Transform panel
  • Zoom tools now display their correct names in the View menu
  • Zoom tools are no longer greyed out in the View menu
  • Fixed an issue in which files named anything other than ‘Untitled’ couldn’t be sent to S3D
  • Fixed an issue in which Freehand tools would not snap closed
  • Added an ‘Auto-close’ toggle to the QAT when the Smooth Freehand tool is selected
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when typing with specific fonts
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening Advanced Sketch while a Sketch Fill with a Sketch Pattern is selected
  • Fixed an infrequent crash relating to Bluetooth
  • Horizontal / Vertical lines now display the correct coordinates.
  • Horizontal/Vertical lines now move as expected with 'Move To'.
  • Copying a layer and pasting it no longer crashes Studio.
  • Simplifying points of Text no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when files with special characters were saved to the Library.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when right-clicking and left-clicking on a color at the same time 
  • Color Palettes are now available within the Adv. Fill Gradient section
  • It is no longer possible to fill up recently used color area when clicking and dragging around the advanced settings
  • Custom color palettes are no longer being created when you press "enter" on an RGB input box
  • Small visual and functional issues with custom palettes have been fixed
  • Added missing Tooltips across several panels and line effects
  • Crosshair and Ruler buttons are more clearly independent buttons
  • Tracing no longer resets to 0 threshold when you get to 100%
  • 'No Gradient' Fill icon now works correctly
  • Added a preference for constant eyedropper/pipette function
  • Straight lines / Pencil Tool lines now save correctly as glyphs, enabling sketch font creation
  • The 'Weld' icon is no longer greyed out on the QAT when text is selected
  • The button to close the search box on the PDF view now highlights when hovered over
  • The clarity of UI for the new machine workflow has been improved
  • Fixed issue with the highlight on "Set Selected Shape as Boundary" button in nesting 
  • The number input for width in Page Setup no longer disappears if you hold 0 and then type 1, Enter
  • Ctrl +/- to zoom now works with the Number Pad +/- keys (on Windows.)
  • Rotate now resets to 0 when going past 360
  • You can no longer set a scale of "0" when the aspect ratio is locked
  • Buttons on the Popup panel no longer remain highlighted when selecting a second button
  • Toggling between aspect ratio in the quick access toolbar now updates the scale "Rotate By" can now be applied using the Enter key
  • The x, y 'Move by' functionality is now visible on the QAT even on low res screens
  • Emboss UI now greys out sliders and the "Release Emboss" button when emboss pattern is set to none
  • In Japanese, the unit of measurement is no longer displayed vertically in the transform panel when set to mm
  • Added missing Japanese translations


  • Search results are no longer blank when a space is entered
  • All ‘Sort By’ options appear in the Libraries context menu
  • Removed a yellow banner that briefly appeared when the Library was opened for the first time
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when files with special characters were saved to the Library
  • Changed 'Proceed' to 'Next' on the Local Content slide of the Library introduction
  • Changed title to 'Sign In' on the Sign In slide of the Library slideshow
  • More 'Sort By' options are now available from the context menu
  • Bar no longer appears at the top of the library if a shape is selected


  • Added new icons for the Rotary Cut and Punch actions
  • Send button is no longer greyed out when setting an object to no cut
  • Added translations for new materials
  • Values changed in the material summary will now apply to the cut job
  • Newly created custom materials will have matless cutting defaulted to off
  • Materials with backing will no longer use matless cutting unless specified by the user
  • Added the ability to remove unavailable machines from the Send page
  • The material list can now be scrolled through on Mac OSX
  • Tools that would be greyed out in the tool list no longer appear
  •  The tool dropdown now defaults to AutoBlade for Cameo 3 and Portrait 2
  • "Foil, Embossable" Tool and Action are no longer set to default
  • Embossing is no longer an available setting on copy paper
  • Increased width/size of materials scrollbar and arrows
  • Foil Transfer Sheets no longer have Action and Tool set to Default
  • Selecting a Material that has an action that is not supported by the default cutter no longer displays 'Default'
  • Inputting 6 numbers into the 'Passes' text field and then pressing enter no longer shows a blank box
  • Designer Edition / DE+ Fixes
  • Nested objects no longer overlap the cut border
  • The bounding box now updates correctly with objects being sheared manually
  • The transparency slider has been reinstated to the Shadows panel
  • SVG import preference icons are now the right way around
  • Updated Warp panel terminology
  • PDF files can now be opened on Mac
  • Flexishapes are no longer being drawn upside down
  • The Puzzle ripple slider now shows a % of the curve slider rather than its magnitude
  • Pattern scale is now remembered when an object is puzzled
  • Fixed issue with crescent moon Flexishape flickering
  • The default icon for Flexishapes is now  the 'Star'
  • The Saw Flexishape can no longer be set to overlap itself
  • The user rhinestones subtitle no longer displays if there are no user rhinestones
  • Increased max Advanced Rhinestone size to 48ss.
  • Rhinestone size slider only displays when custom rhinestones are selected
  • User-created rhinestones can now be scaled
  • User-created rhinestones can no longer be scaled up to the point that they are larger than the preview box

Business Edition Fixes

  • Email address is now hidden from view in Library Settings when ‘Hide Email’ is active
  • Font Creation now appears within the Panels file menu