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Release Notes For Silhouette 3D®

V1.2.151 - 09 Aug 2019


•    Objects no longer become mangled when using the stretch tool
•    Sculpt QAT now appears correctly in the dark theme
•    Crash no longer occurs when stretching objects with a material
•    Stretch no longer breaks objects in wireframe mode
•    Correct tooltip is now used for zoom to selection tool
•    Object grab handles are now disabled when using the knife tool
•    Snapkitx with materials no longer turn grey when cut with the Knife tool

3D Print
•    Close print bed button now updates correctly when multiple print beds are available
•    Alta name now displays correctly on small monitors
•    Close print bed button no longer moves to incorrect positions
•    Allta no longer becomes unresponsive when a print is stopped while paused
•    Sliders for skirt, brim and raft are now the correct length
•    Custom print profiles saved with ‘Save As’ are no longer reset when restarting the software
•    Reduced CPU usage on Windows