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Release Notes For Silhouette 3D®

V1.2.125 - 27 Jun 2019

27 June 2019

New Features

  • 64 Bit support for Windows
  • New Adv. Print Settings features:
    • Retraction Distance
    • Retraction Speed
    • Z-hop

Bug Fixes


  • Grab handles are now hidden when the object is too small
  • Objects now move in the expected direction for all viewing angles when using the arrow keys
  • Duplication shortcuts now move in the expected direction for all viewing angles 
  • Knife tool now cuts in the correct location when in orthographic view
  • Sculpt now works correctly with shapes that have been rotated
  • Welding two lithophanes no longer cause unexpected results 
  • The mouse cursor now updates correctly in all instances
  • Dimensions, rotate and scale are now successfully translated
  • Icons now highlight correctly
  • New mouse cursors added for object manipulation

3D Print

  • You can now go to 3D Print without objects on the print bed
  • Printer collapse button now highlights when hovered over
  • Printer collapse button now works correctly on the first launch
  • The user-defined subtitle is no longer displayed when no user profiles exist
  • Manual Controls now has the correct tooltip
  • Up and down are now capitalized in manual controls
  • Printer controls are now hidden when a print is active
  • Re-aligned checkboxes in Adv. Print Settings
  • Retraction settings have been improved for all Silhouette profiles
  • The pause button now appears immediately after starting a print
  • Fixed truncations in the Adv. Print Settings
  • Pause/Play buttons are no longer translated on small monitors
  • Updated the tooltip for temperature in Manual Controls
  • Stop button no longer flickers when using manual controls 
  • Improved filament estimation on Mac OSX
  • Updated Send system to improve the connection between Silhouette 3D™ and Silhouette Alta®
  • All Altas are now displayed when connected before launching S3D


  • Japanese added
  • Window titles are now correct for all languages