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Release Notes

V4.2.279 - 01 Feb 2019

11 Feb 2019

New Features

Standard Edition and above

  • Color Fonts now supported
  • Print Bleed - Extend the printed area outside the cut lines to ensure that no white, unprinted areas are showing on the edges of your cut-out.
  • Thumbnail previews - STUDIO3 file thumbnails now display as a preview of the file.
  • Silhouette Library Updates (For a full list of changes, scroll down to ‘Library Updates’)

Designer Edition and above

  • Lasso Selection tool - Select multiple shapes using the lasso tool.
  • Warp Templates - Bend shapes and text with the pre-defined templates.

Designer Edition Plus and above

  • Flexishapes - Quickly create and edit complex shapes.
  • Puzzle Generator - Turn your photos into puzzles with the puzzle creator

Business Edition

  • Font Creation - Turn your handwriting into a font
  • Digital Font Creation - Create your own font using the design tools within Studio
  • Edition Toggling - Quickly adjust your display to match alternate editions of Studio

Library Updates

  • Thumbnail size slider - Adjust the size of design thumbnails with the new thumbnail slider
  • ‘File Types’ & ‘Sort By’ filters - Library designs can now be filtered with the new ‘File Types’ & ‘Sort By’ filters
  • Favorites folder - Designs can now be Favorited by clicking the ‘Star’ symbol, these files can then be found in the new ‘Favorites’ folder
  • Library & Design split-view - View the Library and Design page simultaneously by clicking the Library icon that appears on the left-hand side toolbar while on the ‘Design’ page
  • Unseen design indicator - New designs that have not been interacted with will have a blue bold title marking them as unseen. Folders containing unseen designs will display a blue dot. To mark designs as seen you can:
    • Right-click a folder and select ‘Mark All as Seen’.
    • Right-click the unseen design and select ‘Mark as Seen’
    • Left-click the unseen design
    • Once a folder no longer contains "unseen" designs, the blue dot will disappear.
  • Library Import UX update
  • Empty Folder indicator - Empty library folders will now show ‘This folder is empty.’ within the thumbnail view when selected
  • Expandable Library thumbnails - Library thumbnails can now be expanded by clicking the icon that appears when hovering over a design
  • Silhouette Studio will now request that a library backup is created before migrating the library into a Silhouette Studio 4.2 compatible state
  • Local User files and a chosen Silhouette account will be merged into a single library account or these Local User files can be exported to a user-specified location on your hard drive.
  • Advanced Settings have been added to the Library, from here you can:
    • Take a snapshot of the current library state. These snapshots can then be reverted to if in rare circumstances a library is lost
    • Remove duplicated files
  • To access the Library, a Silhouette account needs to be signed in. The Silhouette account can be set to ‘Work Offline’ which will stop automatic syncing.

Bug Fixes

Standard Edition and above

  • Library fixes
    • The Library has been optimized to improve the speed
    • Library designs containing an ampersand (&) within the file name will now display successfully
    • Library imports can now run in the background while you continue using Studio
    • ‘Show Properties’ window has received a UX update
    • ‘Show All Designs’ has been renamed to ‘All Files’
    • ‘Library’ has been renamed to ‘Designs’
    • Single-clicking an empty space in the library deselects all selected items
    • Import to Library has now been greyed out until a Silhouette account is signed-in
  • Crash Fixes
    • Fixed an issue which was, in some instances, causing Studio to crash on start-up
    • Corrupted studio3 files will no longer crash studio when opened and instead display a corrupted file warning message
    • Adjusting the angle of a text item’s Fill Pattern no longer causes Studio to crash
    • Fixed a crash that was occurring on launch
    • Silhouette Studio will no longer crash on launch for libraries that contain duplicate files
    • Removing Silhouette accounts will no longer crash Studio
    • Selecting purchased SDS fonts no longer crashes Studio
    • Studio no longer crashes when applying popup to text or grouped shapes
    • Studio no longer crashes when removing cloud accounts
  • General Fixes
    • Silhouette Studio no longer forgets Silhouette machines on a restart of the software
    • Fixed inability to select text objects in all known conditions
    • The Silhouette Design Store will now open your default browser window when clicked on
    • Can no longer save to a full storage location
    • Most recently opened files now display at the top of the Open Recent list rather than the bottom
    • Files that are merged into Studio now appear within the Open Recent list
    • The Open Recent list now correctly updates when new files are opened
    • The text-align icon now updates to match the selected alignment
    • Registration Marks can no longer be activated if the Stamp Mat is active
    • The Line Style panel now correctly appears within the Panels file menu
    • Calibration document tab now closes once the Calibration window has been closed from the Send page
    • The tooltip for the Line Color tab now appears correctly
    • Added the ability to zoom in and out within the User Manual when using CTRL + or CTRL -
    • A scroll bar now appears for release notes that appear within Preferences > Updates
    • Themes now update successfully when selected from the Preference window
    • The 'Check for Updates -> Monthly' option now displays correctly
    • The text color of brackets now updates as expected when highlighted
    • The Silhouette ALTA mat can now be selected from the Cutting Mat list
    • Updated the ‘Incompatible Cutting Mat’ warning message text
    • ‘New Folder’ option has been added to the context menu when right-clicking within the thumbnail view
    • DXF files now import successfully into Studio
    • Design thumbnail successfully updates when ‘Retry Download’ is used
    • Design count is now shown next to folders in thumbnail view
    • Updated the spinning sync icon to improve visibility
    • Error tone no longer sounds when unknown shortcuts are pressed on Mac
    • Improved the processing time when going to Send
    • No longer need to select Panels & Tools twice due to lost focus on Mac
    • Additional specialty material settings have been added
    • Sticky Note text style and size can be updated
    • Right-clicking on your workspace now provides the option to “Show/Hide Registration Marks”
    • Fixed a spacing issue that occurred during the ‘Do you want to save changes’ prompt
    • It is no longer possible to create shapes with a width and height of 0
    • If multiple shapes are selected when entering point edit mode all shapes will now display their edit points instead of just one shape
    • Point Editing tools found on the Quick Access Toolbar now have the correct tooltips
    • Updated UI for preference modal windows
    • CMD ‘+’ and ‘–‘ now correctly zoom in and out on Mac OSX

Designer Edition and above fixes

  • Corrupted PDF files will no longer crash studio when opened and instead display a corrupted file warning message
  • SVG’s that contain patterns no longer crash Studio when opened from the Library
  • Condensed layers will now successfully highlight when a contained object is selected
  • Optimized PDF file import speed and reliability
  • Guidelines can no longer be created while the Ruler is turned off
  • Node count for opened PDF files has been greatly reduced
  • SVG files now open as expected
  • Fixed truncation issue that occurred on the Object on Path tab

Designer Edition Plus and above fixes

  • Adv. Rhinestone icons have been moved to stop overlapping text
  • Filling text or shapes with Adv. Rhinestones no longer crashes Studio

Business Edition fixes

  • Page width can now be adjusted above 12 inches
  • View menu no longer has multiple methods of turning BE Page Setup on and off
  • Studio no longer crashes when the ‘Regular Grid’ view is selected within the Tiling panel
  • Weed lines now display in the Panels file menu