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Release Notes For Silhouette 3D®

V1.0.179 - 26 Jul 2018

V1.0.179 - 26 Jul 2018

31st July 2018

Adv. Print Setting Updates

  • Newly saved custom print profiles will now be automatically selected and models will reslice to adopt the new print settings
  • Print Profile drop-down menu now closes as expected when the Adv Print Settings window is closed

Bounding Box Updates

  • ​​​​​Z-axis grab handles now correctly display above 3D models rather than inside the model

Design Updates

  • Shapes no longer disappear when moved while in the ‘Top’ down view or when the file has been recently saved
  • Text no longer moves in the opposite direction of the mouse while in the ‘Top’ down view

File Support Updates

  • Double-clicking S3D files will now successfully open the file even if S3D is closed
  • Fixed an issue where certain STL files were importing back to front
  • Fixed an issue where certain STL files were not rendering successfully when opened
  • Files can now be opened from a network location

Library Updates

  • Fixed naming of the ‘Free with Machine’ library folder
  • Text box for creating and renaming library folders is no longer offset
  • Text box to rename folder no longer appears in the opened sub-folder unexpectedly
  • Thumbnails of unsupported file formats are now greyed out

3D Print Updates

  • Pressing the ‘Home’ button 3 times in a row no longer crashes S3D
  • The Print Quality drop-down menu now contains ‘User Defined’ and ‘Silhouette Profile’ categories
  • The Print Quality drop-down has been extended to now display a maximum of 7 profiles at once instead of 3

Quick Access Toolbar Updates

  • Centre to Bed now works as intended when multiple objects are on screen
  • Clicking ‘Centre to Bed’ twice will no longer move the model of the bed
  • The Text Style drop-down list now closes when another window is opened

Snapkit Updates

  • Snapkit points now display as points instead of rings
  • Text snap points have now been updated to display the letter ‘A’ next to a red point, these can still be snapped to other red points

General Updates

  • The tooltip for shape creation icons now display correctly
  • The tooltip for ‘Paste’ now displays correctly
  • The EULA now has a scroll bar
  • Switching between the Design and 3D Print tabs while the Alta is homing no longer causes S3D to crash
  • Status for a ‘Disconnected’ printer is no longer truncated to ‘Disco’
  • The spelling of ‘Jewellery Box’ has been updated to ‘Jewelry Box’
  • Selecting ‘Store’ while in ‘3D Print’ will no longer send S3D back to ‘Design’
  • Middle mouse-wheel clicking on a document tab will now close down that tab
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Save As Type’ field in the Save As window would display empty
  • Ctrl + Tab now cycles through S3D’s document tabs