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Release Notes For Silhouette 3D®

V0.200.024 - 08 Jun 2018

08 June 2018

  • Home button and manual controls no longer need to be selected twice to be used
  • 'Stop Printing' dialog that appears during installation no longer shows twice when 'Yes' is selected
  • Fixed memory leaks that were causing S3D to use more than available system resources
  • Fixed crash that occurred when launching S3D on MAC OS
  • Fixed crash that occurred when switching between Design & 3D Print Tabs on MAC OS
  • Fixed crash when disconnecting an ALTA and restarting the software
  • Updated text in the uninstaller to match that of the installer
  • Disabled Calibration buttons while ALTA's print head is moving
  • Display an error message when unable to initialize graphics that are required to run S3D
  • Installer now handles installing ALTA Driver
  • Fixed the tool text toolbar on MAC so it now displays correctly
  • Additional Fixes to Snap-Points
  • Fixed issue that stopped the ability to ungroup shapes after creating additional shapes.
  • Fixed offset issue that occurred when dragging Snap-Kits into the Design Tab
  • Added ability to cancel downloads from within the Cloud Library
  • Enabled Logging for Print Jobs
  • Fixed Movement speed of objects when view is set to a low angle
  • Rotations are no longer inverted when viewing a 3D object from behind
  • Fixed issue that occurred when rotation multiple objects at the same time