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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.1.441 - 05 Apr 2018

9th April 2018

Standard Edition and above fixes


  • Premium Fonts are now ready to use without needing to close Studio

  • Credentials can now be entered successfully when using ‘Import Library’

  • ‘Import Library’ will now ask where user-created content should be placed

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using ‘Update Library’

  • Updated ‘Sync’ and ‘Remove User’ tooltips

Send to Machine

  • Major reworks to Bluetooth

  • Studio no longer crashes when sending designs with complicated contours

  • Underlined text is now successfully sent to Silhouette machines

  • Material drop-down list now contains a search bar to filter through materials

  • Material drop-down list arrow no longer truncates long material names

  • Cut job estimate now displays for queued jobs

  • Cut jobs can now be sent to Silhouette machines in a 'Connection Auto-released’ status

  • Multiple ‘User Defined’ materials can now be deleted with the on-screen minus button

  • ‘New Silhouette Detected’ message no longer displays on each launch of Studio

  • ‘New Silhouette Detected' message correctly appears when a Silhouette machine is connected for the first time

  • CAMEO® 3 rollers now stop when the mouse is no longer clicking on a directional arrow

  • Instructions now display when cut jobs are sent with ‘Manual Registration’ active

  • Fixed truncations that were occurring on low-resolution screens

Sticky Notes

  • Sticky Notes no longer appear within ‘Action by: Fill’

  • Single-click Sticky Notes to input text

  • Sticky Notes can no longer be modified with design tools

Text to Path

  • Fixed an issue where the Text to Path slider could not be adjusted


  • Scale slider has been re-implemented

Knife Tool

  • Un-applied Knife lines can no longer be sent to Silhouette machines

Point Editing

  • Toggle buttons are now correctly highlighted on the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Shapes remain selected when ‘Convert to Path’ is used

Quick Access Toolbar

  • The default 'Move To' snap point is now correctly set to top-left position


  • Rounded Offset is now greyed out when Internal Offset is selected


  • Fixed the black screen rendering issue that was affecting HP/Acer laptops with Intel HD 620, and other setups

  • Studio no longer crashes on launch for Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8 machines

  • Attempting to rapidly open files no longer crashes Studio

  • Documents with lots of stipple points and sketch lines no longer crash Studio

  • Connecting to a CAMEO® 3 via Bluetooth on MacOS no longer crashes Studio

  • Mac OS error windows no longer display behind Studio

  • Fixed issue that occurred when attempting to upload files that crashed Studio

  • Fixed Error when attempting to install Studio into a location that goes above the standard character limit for Windows OS

  • Fixed issue that occurred on MAC OS when attempting to install Studio

  • (Defaults) -> (Blade Type) preference has been successfully reimplemented

  • ‘Snap to Grid’ can now be found within the View file menu

  • ‘Send to Silhouette – Making the First Cut’ tutorial has been updated for the new Send to Machine layout

  • Cardstock, Plain - Score now has a default Blade Setting of 1

  • Default settings for ‘Sticker Paper, Glitter’ updated to: Blade Depth: 2, Speed: 2 & Force: 25

  • Fixed an issue where a flashing black box would appear within the Preference and Send pages

  • Double-clicking a Floating Panel header will collapse/expand the panel

  • Additional tooltips added

  • Improved existing tooltips for panel tabs and buttons

  • Updated Korean Translation for Store Navigation Tab

  • Improved Japanese Translations

  • Additional crash logging has been implemented to improve the reports sent to the development team


Designer Edition and above fixes

Center of Rotation

  • The ‘Centre of Rotation’ tool no longer displays unexpectedly while rotating shapes


  • Glyphs now scale correctly within their thumbnails


  • 'Release Warp' is now 10x faster


  • Layer ordering has been updated to better represent the order of designs on the workspace

  • Curved Shapes now display as ‘Curved Shapes’ within the Layers panel

Magnet Trace

  • The Select tool is now chosen once a Magnet Trace has been completed

  • Magnet Trace Preview lines can no longer be sent to Silhouette Devices

  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to lines when the size is less than 20%

  • Magnet Trace now correctly snaps to fill coloured vector designs

Trace by Color

  • Trace by Color no longer crashes Studio if the Syringe is dragged outside trace area

  • Trace by Color tolerance slider now works as expected


  • Nesting now successfully interlocks designs that contain Bezier paths

File Support

  • Studio no longer crashes when loading SVG files that contain nested layers or pattern/filter elements

  • Studio no longer crashes when 'Release Warp' is used on a textured image where the texture is very large

  • Fixed an ‘Out of Memory’ issue which occurred when opening large .AI files

  • Studio no longer crashes when overwriting a PDF while the PDF is open in Microsoft Edge


Designer Plus Edition and Above

Advanced Rhinestones

  • Advanced Rhinestones are now applied in the same manner as Basic Rhinestones


Business Edition fixes

Media Layout Setup

  • Text objects now remain within Media Layout View’s cut border

  • Studio no longer crashes when resizing the Media Layout Split Screen Window

  • Removed ellipsis from the panel heading


Please note, the following issues are known and we are working hard on getting these resolved!

  • Stipple Trace output has a decreased density volume (This issue has been resolved in our latest Open Beta version, SS4.1.442)
  • CAMEO 3 & CURIO features, such as the ‘Emboss’ and ‘Stipple’ panels become greyed out on a relaunch of Studio until the corresponding machine is connected again


Additional Information

  • Trace panels ‘Low Pass Filter’ has been removed.

The reason the Low Pass filter was created was to counteract issues that occurred when using the High Pass filter.

Due to the recent work that has gone into tracing, the High Pass Filter should no longer create these issues and therefore the necessity for the Low Pass filter is no longer apparent.

Please note, we are reviewing feedback and comments that have come in regarding this change.