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Release Notes

V4.1.354 - 19 Dec 2017

19 December 2017

Standard Edition and Above

  • Fixed crash that occurred when using Object on Path
  • (Defaults) -> (Blade Type) preference has been successfully re-implemented
  • Rounded Offset is now greyed out when internal offset is selected
  • Open shapes, such as a Curve, Arc and Freehand shape, no longer unexpectedly double cut when the Action is set to Sketch
  • Silhouette Machine rollers successfully stop when mouse is no longer clicking on a directional Test Cut arrow
  • Cut Jobs sent with Manual Registration active now display instructions within the Machine widget
  • Horizontal Offset Value within the Calibration window is no longer hidden from view on low resolution screens
  • Fixed truncations that were occurring within the Send page on low resolution screens
  • Improved Japanese Translations