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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.1.348 - 06 Dec 2017

6 December 2017

Standard Edition and Above

  • Fixed issue where ‘Portrait 2’ was being referred to as ‘Portrait’
  • 50 free designs will now be usable when connecting a Portrait 2
  • Message box asking where to place user-created content will now display when importing library
  • Fixed crash that occurred when Importing designs from Update Library
  • Export library now stores the cloud user email for user-created files
  • Import library now imports user-created files to cloud user folder
  • Fixed Error when attempting to install Studio into a location that goes above the standard character limit for Windows OS
  • Fixed issue that occurred on MAC OS when attempting to Install Silhouette Studio
  • Fixed issue where ‘New Cutter Connected’ would display every time Silhouette Studio was launched
  • Updated Korean Translation for Store Navigation Tab

Designer Edition Plus and Above

  • Advanced Rhinestones are now applied in the same manner as Basic Rhinestones