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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.1.197 - 21 Aug 2017

21 August 2017

New Silhouette Studio 4.1 Features:

Standard Edition   

  • Font Improvements - Find commonly used Fonts instantly. Font Style lists now include a ‘Most frequent fonts’ and ‘Most recent fonts’ category
  • Sticky Notes - Display Sticky Notes and save them with a design
  • Popup - Create basic Pop-Up cards

Designer Edition

  • Glyphs - New Glyph tab found within the Text Style panel to add glyphs to the Workspace
  • Font Management - Font Style lists includes categories for Library fonts in folders and subfolders
  • Warp - New Warp tool feature to distort shapes with the nodes provided

Designer Edition Plus

  • Conical Warp - New Warp tool feature to distort objects to a conical shape

Business Edition

  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • SVG/PDF/JPEG export  (Note: Exported SVG’s will not contain Silhouette Design Store files)

Standard Edition and above fixes


  • Deleting a folder from the Library no longer causes Silhouette Studio to crash
  • Library thumbnails now successfully display as expected instead of black boxes
  • Files can now be dragged into the main thumbnail view instead of just the folder structure
  • Added the ability to navigate to a file's library location by right clicking the design and selecting ‘Show in Folder’
  • Cloud Library warning messages are no longer truncated
  • Connecting a Silhouette device for the first time now adds free designs
  • Library designs keywords now successfully save when adding new keywords
  • Fixed an issue where saving to the Cloud caused a crash

Send to Machine

  • Updated workflow / layout
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Action’ dropdown would instantly close when opened
  • Enabled the ability to set Line Segment Overcut to 0.0
  • ‘Save as New’ message is now displayed when attempting to save over default materials
  • Improved the usability of the Material Hub & Summary sections
  • A ‘Did you Mirror?’ prompt will now display when using HTV
  • Sketch pens now successfully sketch vector lines without lifting the pen up (Unless Required!)
  • Craft Foam summary correctly displays a Blade Depth of 20
  • Shapes line thickness in Action by: Line/Fill/Layer now match the thickness displayed in Action by: Simple
  • Double Cut will no longer occur when passes is set to 1
  • Last selected material is now remembered between sessions
  • Deep Cut Blade is now automatically selected when selecting Craft Foam Material
  • Passes can be set to a maximum of a 10
  • Line Segment Overcut can now be found on the summary bar
  • Additional tools added to the Top toolbar within Send

Send to Machine – Edit Material Hub

  • Save and Revert are greyed out until changes have been made. When changes have been made these buttons will be highlighted until changes have been saved or reverted
  • Custom materials can no longer be deleted by right click the ‘User Materials’ sub-heading.
  • Actions can now be added and removed from duplicated Silhouette materials
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating 'Silhouette Materials' via the subheading would cause SS to crash
  • When the action or material is changed while in an '(Edited)' state a warning box displays asking if you wish to save your settings

Material Settings

  • Silhouette Studio now remembers last selected material after a relaunch
  • 'Vinyl, Whiteboard' material settings have now been added to Silhouette Studio
  • 'Heat Transfer, Reflective' blade depth setting is now set to 1

Material Export

  • Right click within the material list and select ‘Export’ to export the selected material as a .csv file
  • Right click within the material list and select ‘Import’ to import a previously exported material csv list
  • Imported Materials will be found within ‘User Defined Materials’


  • Fixed a constant ‘Checking Connection’ issue when using Mac OSX 10.12.6
  • Page Size and Cut Border no longer adjust when connecting via Bluetooth
  • Optimized the Bluetooth code to better handle connections / sending


  • PixScan™ Calibration sheet can no longer be sent to the cutter
  • PixScan image previews are no longer cropped during the import process


  • Trace preview speed increased to better match Silhouette Studio v3

Text to Path

  • Text to Path slider now successfully moves to shapes new position

Emboss & Stipple Panel

  • Stipple panel is greyed out until a CAMEO® 3 or a Curio™ has been connected
  • Emboss panel is greyed out until a Curio™ is connected
  • Updates made to slider increment values within both the Stipple and Emboss panels
  • Score & Embosses ‘Passes & Fill’ feature no longer only applies one line
  • Emboss / Deboss lines now successfully create blue lines to represent Embossing

File Support

  • Files that open a ‘Cannot find material’ modal window now when drag and dropped into Studio now open as expected

Text Style Panel

  • The Text Style of grouped text designs can now successfully be adjusted
  • Font styles can now be selected with the keyboard arrow keys within the Text Style panel

Point Editing

  • Simplify now reduces the volume of nodes
  • Disabled ability to edit the points of an object that was selected and then grouped

Line Style Panel

  • Adjusted mm dimensions of Line Thickness to 2 decimal points instead of 3
  • Re-added 'Print Lines of selected shapes' option to Panel
  • Line thickness can now be measured by pt/mm or pt/in

Select by Color

  • Can now limit selection to only select shapes that are on the media


  • Objects with a low line thickness value now duplicate in a more conventional way (added padding between lines)

Floating Panels

  • Fixed an issue where contents of a Panel would stop populating if the Panel is interacted with
  • Panels opened by the expandable panel icon no longer close when the workspace is clicked
  • Floating panels no longer move when Silhouette Studio is minimized, then maximized to fullscreen mode

Drop-down Menus

  • Drop-down menus no longer instantly close when opened while animation speed is set to maximum

Quick Access Toolbar

  • Improved the mechanics of the Quick Access Toolbar to now work better on smaller resolution screen

Tool Tips

  • 'Preferences' and 'Change Theme' tool tips now display as expected when Silhouette Studio is on a multi-monitor setup

Navigation Toolbar

  • Icon for Send tab has been updated to display as a Portrait machine

Modal Windows

  • ‘New Project Wizard' and 'Save to Library' windows now close when the 'Esc' key is pressed
  • 'About Silhouette Studio' window can no longer be opened multiple times on Mac


  • Language drop-down list has been expanded to show additional languages
  • Fixed a crash when changing OpenGL settings on Windows OS
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accessing the Preferences while a text object is being edited
  • If the 'Choose Select' tool preference is in use, the created shape is now selected as well as the ‘Select’ tool being active

Silhouette Handbook

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting 'Previous View' from the right click context menu while on Page 1 of the Handbook


  • Added Silhouette Studio 4.1 tutorials for new features
  • Updated 4.1 Manuals for all supported languages
  • Updated over 2000 translations for all supported languages
  • Silhouette Studios incremental values have been reworked
  • Fixed an issue where .studio3 files were saved with '(Temporary File)'
  • Recovered Documents panel no longer closes every time a document is opened from it
  • Fixed Shortcut to open PixScan panel (CTRL + ALT + P / CMD + ALT + P)
  • Advanced section of Sketch panel now shows all options
  • Show Guides / Snap to Guides now display in the View menu
  • Closing SS will now always show the current workspace so you can see what design you are deciding to save or discard
  • New Project Wizard can no longer multiple times which was causing SS to crash
  • Color palettes red now matches Studios default red
  • Disabled menu items for upgrading / downgrading when not required
  • Eraser Size correctly updates to the correct unit of measurement on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • The ‘Store’ home and refresh buttons now show as expected when button size set to maximum

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed crash that occurred when closing the Pixscan panel after attempting to add a new calibration
  • Fixed crash that occurred when attempting to import an exported PDF

 Crash reporting

  • Additional logging has been implemented to better track software crashes
  • Additional logging for Bluetooth®

Designer Edition and above only fixes


  • Fixed an issue where rhinestones could not be released from text

Layers Panel

  • Added ability to expand the height of the panel


  • Can now limit Nesting to only nest shapes that are on the media

Business Edition only fixes

Weed Settings

  • Can now limit Weed Lines to only select shapes that are on the media