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Release Notes

V4.0.1052 - 10 Jul 2017

10 July 2017


  • Manually inputted Offsets are now applied when clicking 'Apply' without needing to press the 'Enter' key beforehand.

Text Style

  • Fonts will display as expected when a file is opened while Studio is still initializing fonts
  • Double clicking a font within the library no longer opens the legacy styled panel


  • Magnet Trace now leaves a trace line behind
  • Mouse cursor successfully updates when selecting 'Select Trace Area' on Mac OS
  • Mouse cursor correctly reverts to select when ‘Trace and Detach’ is selected

Point Editing

  • Delete key now deletes selected node instead of selected shape

Registration Marks

  • Manual registration arrows are no longer invisible


  • Stipple preview successfully displays the trace preview as expected
  • Stipple panel now successfully displays settings for selected shape


  • Can no longer create shapes within a locked layer, mouse cursor changes to a locked icon


  • Blue bounding box now correctly displays when a shape has been set to boundary

PDF Viewer

  • Print option now available for Silhouette Handbook in the File Menu of the PDF Viewer on MAC & PC
  • Added ability to scroll through the Handbook with Page Up / Page Down keys
  • Added ability to search through the Handbook with CTRL / CMD + F​​​​​​​


  • Added Checkbox in Preferences to auto-update Beta Versions (Defaulted to ON when using Beta Builds)
  • Permission to close Silhouette Studio is now requested when launching update from within the Preferences – Update Tab

File Support

  • Updated the License key for DynaPDF that expired, fixing the ability to open PDF Files without an error message appearing
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening .STUDIO3 file that contained a text object & selecting it when having many fonts installed
  • Cloud
  • Fixed a crash when removing all text from the name of a file saved in cloud

Auto Updates

  • Fixed issue where INSTALL button did not install downloaded version through Auto-update


  • Select tool is chosen after zooming, preference available to continue zooming
  • DE knife tools successfully display when updating to DE or above
  • Panel tabs are correctly aligned to the title and subtitle of panel
  • White line no longer appears on the PixScan panel while in the dark theme

Low Hard Drive Space

  • Less than 1.5 GB - Users that attempt to launch the software with less than 1.5 GB of free space will receive a warning message that their Hard Drive is almost full and that it is recommended that additional space is created for the optimum performance of SS4.1.
  • Less than 0.5 GB - Users attempting to launch the software with less than 0.5 GB of free space will receive a message informing them that to run Silhouette Studio, additional Hard Drive space is required.

Crash Reporting

  • Additional logging has been included any time a crash occurs within Silhouette Studio.
  • Added logging for Bluetooth to determine reliability / usage