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Release Notes For Silhouette Studio®

V4.0.837 - 02 Jun 2017

2 June 2017

  • Shapes set to Nesting boundary now correctly displayed on-screen
  • Panel tabs are now successfully aligned to the panel
  • Designer Edition Knife tools now display successfully on the dynamic toolbar
  • Double-clicking a font within the library will now open the correct text panel
  • Bold, Italic, and Underline font style attributes will now sync with the current selected object
  • Layers panel icon now highlights when the Layers panel is open
  • Point Edit tool now highlights when selected
  • Shapes can no longer be created in a locked layer (a padlock cursor will appear)
  • Fixed rendering of Fill Gradient
  • Increased size of advanced Rhinestones by 0.5mm to provide better rhinestone fit in holes that are created
  • Library search is no longer case-sensitive
  • PixScan images now imported correctly through 'Import PixScan Image from File'
  • Bug fix for text losing font style information when opening a file containing text immediately after launch
  • Bug fix for crash when updating the library from a non-cloud version of Silhouette Studio
  • Bug fix for crash when cancelling a lengthy operation (i.e. complex erase operation)
  • ug fix for Bluetooth pausing issue on Mac OS
  • Bug fix to ensure all cut data sent via Bluetooth results in cut jobs finishing as expected
  • Bug fix for Bluetooth ‘Checking Connection’ for extended period of times
  • Jobs sent via Bluetooth now return to origin more reliably
  • 'SS_Bluetooth' application no longer displays on Mac OS’s dock while Silhouette Studio® is open
  • Bug fix for Bluetooth data send/recieve for Japanese OS
  • Added improved translations
  • Many stability and performance fixes in response to Beta testing feedback