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Warranty Information


The Silhouette hardware has a one year limited warranty*. The hardware warranty specifically covers issues relating to the Silhouette machine, power cord and adapter, and/or USB cord. If through the process of supporting a reported issue Silhouette America determines any of these hardware components are faulty within the first year the Silhouette is owned (from the original purchase date and as the machine is registered), Silhouette America can then have any one or all of these components replaced. Hardware issues should be very rare. Generally issues experienced with the Silhouette are related to the software or improper operation. Please contact the Silhouette Support Team as you may have any concerns to further troubleshoot the issue and to confirm the source of the problem.

* This warranty applies to US and Canadian customers only. For warranty information regarding machines purchased in territories outside of the US and Canada, please contact the original retail location of purchase.


For detailed warranty information on the Silhouette electronic cutting machine, please refer to the warranty card received with your Silhouette.