USB files cannot be read on CAMEO touchscreen


The Silhouette CAMEO model that has a touchscreen can read and use STUDIO3 files as saved from the Silhouette Studio software and saved to a USB device. If files are not showing up properly, the most common concern would be with the STUDIO file version.


If your STUDIO3 files are not properly showing up on the CAMEO touchscreen when your USB device is inserted into the machine, please perform the following steps to ensure your files are properly formatted:

Open Silhouette Studio® Go to Edit (PC) or Silhouette Studio menu (Mac) Go to Preferences Go to Advanced Scroll down to the bottom of the panel and check the box labeled “Include Cut Data” Click Apply Insert the USB drive into your computer Navigate to and Open the file located on the USB drive in Silhouette Studio (File > Open OR Open button) After the file is open, simply Save the file (File > Save OR Save button)
NOTE: You only need to simply Open the file and then Save it. No adjustment needs to be made or re-naming, no placing it in a new location, etc. Repeat steps 8 & 9 until all desired files are opened and re-saved

The action of re-saving after you enable the noted Preference option above will ensure the data is included in the file for the CAMEO to read and be able to use going forward. Further, any new files created after this Preference has been adjusted will now be formatted for use in reading a USB file with the CAMEO.