Track enhancing


Track enhacing is a feature that moves the mat or other material back and forth through the Silhouette prior to the actual cutting process.

As material thickness increases, the rollers (dependent upon the material type and surface) may not grip as firmly on the material's surface during operation. In such cases, it may be recommended to enable the Track Enhancing option. The action of feeding the material through the Silhouette several times prior to operation creates a "track" for the Silhouette to roll on and gain a better grip during the job in question. The feature attempts to ensure proper alignment of secondary passes performed and attempts to resolve potential mis-alignment concerns.

This option is only needed when cutting thicker materials where the material appears to be slipping during the cutting action, or when there is mis-alignment when using the "Double Cut" option.

The Track Enhancing feature is something built into the Silhouette unit which can be controlled through the software (in the Silhouette Cut Settings screen) OR via the Silhouette's LCD screen when cutting directly from an SD card (Silhouette CAMEO model only).