Sizing text to specific measurements


Text is measure in the Silhouette Studio® program as a point size. While the point sizes listed generally correspond with a specific size, the point sizes for fonts are actually just guidelines. Fonts are varied in their actual sizing based on the individual artist who designed the font. While there is a loose standard, there is no rule that all people who create fonts follow with respect the sizing. This is why the measurement box for text is not always necessarily the same measurement as the actual cut size. The measuring bounding box is measuring the actual point size rather than the top of the highest letter to the bottom of the lowest letter.

Notwithstanding, specific measurements for text can be achieved as directed below.

How To

The following steps may be taken to adjust text to an exact height.

Open Silhouette Studio® Type the desired text with the Text cursor tool Adjust the Text Style to the font style desired Size the text to the approximate desired size Right-click and Weld Right-click and Group Go to the Scale menu Make sure "Lock Aspect Ratio" is selected As the text is selected, type is the desired Height Click Apply

This should size the text to the exact desired height.