Silhouette Studio Version 4

Version 4 Features and Tutorials

Silhouette Studio Version 4 has some exciting new features; please see the video links listed below.

To have access to these features, please first ensure you are using the latest version of Silhouette Studio.

⚠ NOTE: Not all of the following features are included with the basic, free edition of Silhouette Studio. An upgrade may be required to access some of these features. The required upgrade is mentioned in each video below. Software upgrades can be purchased here. 

Export Options in V4.1 of Silhouette Studio Sticky Notes feature in V4.1 of Silhouette Studio Pop-Up Creator Tool Font Management features in V4.1 of Silhouette Studio (Designer Edition feature) Using Glyphs in V4.1 of Silhouette Studio® (Designer Edition feature) Advanced Pop-up Creator (Designer Edition feature for Silhouette Studio V4.1) Trace by Color (Designer Edition feature) Basic Warp Tool (Designer Edition feature) Conical Warp Panel in V4.1 Designer Edition Plus of Silhouette Studio Multiple Undo feature in V4.1 of Silhouette Studio (Business Edition)

Visual Differences from Version 3 to Version 4