Silhouette Studio Printing Issues

Print quality issues

Silhouete Studio does not control print quality or the tone of colors beyond what has been defined in the software. Please note that actual colors will vary from how they are displayed on a computer monitor versus how they appear in printed format.

The quality of the print may also vary and is based on your printer. Generally, you may wish to check your printer ink levels for most concerns having to do with printer quality. You may also be able to find settings specific to your printer to adjust the quality by doing the following:

Open Silhouette Studio Click on the Print icon
⚠ NOTE: A Print dialog window will open that is controlled by your computer's operating system. Click on the Preferences button
⚠ NOTE: Printer preferences are not controlled by Silhouette Studio. They are controlled by your printer driver. Though preference options will vary from printer to printer, most printers may have a "Print Quality" option somewhere that you may be able to adjust

For continued assistance with printer preferences and printer quality, please contact your printer manufacturer. 

Wrong colors being printed

If you are seeing the wrong colors being printed, this may indicate a conflict between Silhouette Studio and your printer model.

This can be due to software settings in the Silhouette Studio program that are conflicting with the printer or the level of attempted print quality from the printer that is not conducive with the Silhouette Studio program.

The following actions can be taken to attempt to resolve this concern:

Adjust the DPI quality settings in the software

Open Silhouette Studio Go to the Edit menu (PC) or the Silhouette Studio menu (Mac) Select Preferences Select General Adjust the Resolution of image sent to printer to 300 DPI Select the Apply option Print again

You can continue to experiment with the various dpi settings to see if this may have any positive effect.

Check the Print Quality settings for the printer

Confirm if there is any change when adjusting the 'Print Quality' for the printer options. For example, most printers will have an option for 'Best Print Quality' and have a scale that goes down from there.

Open Silhouette Studio Go to File > Print Select Preferences for the printer Attempt to locate the options for 'Print Quality' Adjust this setting if present

You can continue to experiment with the various quality settings to see if this may have any positive effect.

Remove and re-install the printer driver

If you expderience continued concerns, we would recommend to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver (the actual driver for the printer model). Please ensure that everything is updated from the latest driver offered from the printer manufacturer's website. After doing this, please re-start the computer and try to print again.

If continued concerns are met and you may happen to have access to any other printer, you can try printing a test page to another printer from the same computer in order to determine whether there may be a conflict unique to the printer or if the issue is universal regardless of the printer used.

Job not printing (No page emerging from printer)

If your printer is not producing a sheet of paper after sending a job from Silhouette Studio (using File > Print), one of the following may be occurring:

The printer is connected wirelessly to the computer and the data communication being dropped The USB cable connecting the printer to the computer is not sufficient for the data being sent The printer is a Kodak brand printer

If your printer is producing a blank page, (or only prints the registration marks, if such are enabled), please see the next section below.

1. Printer connected wirelessly

If your printer is connected wirelessly, please confirm the internet connection is strong (if connected via WiFi) or any other Bluetooth devices nearby are disabled as this may interfere with Bluetooth connection. For Bluetooth connection, please also ensure the printer is a close distance to the computer to establish a strong connection.

To confirm the connection is not the issue, please connect the printer's USB cable to the computer and attempt sending the print job via USB connection.

2. USB cable issue

We recommend a USB 3.0 cable for sending large or complex designs from Silhouette Studio. Some printers will include a USB 2.0 cable but can easily be replaced with a 3.0 cable with similar specifications. For more information, please contact your printer manufacturer.


Blank page being printed

If Silhouette Studio is printing a blank page or only prints the registration marks if such are enabled, this would indicate that you do not have any printable information present on your workspace. 

Please note that cut line data and print data are handled differently. Silhouette Studio only prints designs that have filled colors or patterns. Cut lines are not printed unless the lines are specifically enabled to print.

If you desire to print your design but are seeing a blank page, you can attempt one of the following:

1. Fill the design with a color or pattern

Select the design Go to the Fill Panel on the right-side toolbar Select the desired color, gradient, or pattern fill

If you have filled your design in this manner, you should see the printed result as it is displayed on screen. You do not need to perform the steps below unless you alternately only want to print out your cut lines.

2. Enable the cut lines to be printed

Select the image Go to the Line Style panel on the right-side toolbar Check the box labeled "Print Lines of Selected Shapes" You may also choose to raise the Line Thickness​ to any number above 0.0pt

If you enable the cut lines to be printed in this manner, you will be able to print just the lines of your design as it is displayed on screen.