Silhouette Studio® ability to weld


You can weld letters together to cut out as a continuous image rather than individual letters in the Silhouette Studio® software program. This may be done with scripted (cursive type) fonts or any other regular type font. Note that scripted fonts when cut directly through the Text function in the Silhouette software will cut as individual letters unless the Weld option is used.

How To

You may weld text by doing to the following:

Go to the Text option Select a scripted font or non-scripted font Ensure your letters are touching as desired
NOTE: Many (though not all scripted fonts) will appear to have connecting points in the letters. If the points do not connect (or in other words, if the letters are not touching), or you have selected a non-scripted font, you will need to adjust the Character Spacing option so that the letters are overlapping as desired. With the text selected, click on the Weld button (located along the lower left-hand corner of your software screen, or found by right-clicking on your selected images)

You may also weld images to text, or images to other images. The weld feature works with any multiple set of cut line images as they are overlapping.