Silhouette starts cutting when powered on (prior to job)

Issue Description

When the Silhouette is powered on, the Silhouette immediately begins to go through cutting motions (starts to cut the same job repeatedly or the blade taps up and down rapidly) prior to any cut job actually being sent.

The issue stops if the USB cord is removed but is repeated without stopping if the unit is powered on and the USB cord is connected to the computer.


This indicates that there is another USB device (such as a printer) that is trying to communicate with the Silhouette.


The following steps may be performed to resolve this concern:

Power off the Silhouette Close the Silhouette Studio© software Go to the START menu Go to the Control Panel Go to the Printers section Look for any printer drivers that are grayed out OR printers which are no longer actually owned and are not hooked up to the computer Right-click on one of the printer drivers in question and go to the Printer Properties option In the window that comes up, go to the Ports tab Locate the port type File and check this box Click on Apply Repeat this action for all applicable printer drivers

This action will direct the older unit's driver which is no longer present to stop it from trying to take up the USB connection and subsequently stop it from confusing the Silhouette machine.