Silhouette CAMEO ability to cut from SD card without computer connection

Ability to cut from an SD card

The Silhouette CAMEO® does have an SD slot, which provides the ability to use specially formatted files (GSP format) created and saved in the Silhouette Studio® software directly from the CAMEO unit without having to be hooked up to the computer. An SD slot on your computer is required in order to utilize this feature so that files may be saved from the computer onto the SD card, which can then later be placed directly into the CAMEO's SD slot reader.

You may save your GSP files into any location on your SD/SDHC card and can create a folder structure to categorize your content into subfolders for easier referencing. With GSP files saved from Silhouette Studio® (V1.9.0 and higher), a basic image display of the file you are cutting will appear on the CAMEO's LCD screen in order to provide a rough preview of the selected file.

The CAMEO is able to utilize both SD and SDHC card types. Only GSP files formatted from the Silhouette Studio® software are able to be cut with this feature where files can be cut directly from the CAMEO without the need for a computer connection.

Formatting files for use on an SD card

To format files with this feature, you may do the following:

Open the Silhouette Studio® software Create or open your desired file Insert an SD card into your computer's SD slot Go to File > Save to SD Card In the panel that opens on the right-hand side to save your GSP file, provide a name for your file Select your SD card or location to where you want to save the file Click on the "Click here" link to save the file

Using GSP files

Once your GSP files are formatted and saved onto an SD/SDHC card, you may do the following to use them:

Power on the Silhouette CAMEO® Insert the SD card into the CAMEO's SD slot (located on the right-hand side of the unit next to the USB and power connections) Load your mat or material Press the Pause button ( || ) Navigate to your desired file and select to cut it