Rotating images in Silhouette Studio®


The Silhouette Studio® software program is capable of taking any object you have and rotating it to a new angle or creating a mirror image of the object in question.

How To


To rotate an image you may do the following:

Select the image Locate the green circle control point (usually located at the top of the selected image) Click and drag this circle to achieve the desired angle of rotation

If you have an exact angle of rotation desires you may alternately do the following:

Select the image Click on the Rotate icon Click on the appropriate option from the Rotate panel to have the selected image rotated to the desired angle


To mirror images you may do the following:

Select the image Right-click Select to either Mirror Horizontally (which will flip the image to be backwards) or Mirror Vertically (which will place the image on its back)

Further mirroring options may be found in the Object menu under Transform > Mirror Options.