Resulting cut has uncut portions in specific areas

Issue Description

The Silhouette goes through and completes the entire cutting process. The blade appeared to lower and attempt to cut all portions of the image.

However, a part of the image appears to be uncut (not ragged or torn, but simply not cut at all) while others are cut properly. This can present itself in one of the following ways:

One specific side of every image is uncut
One specific side of the mat (or area of the mat) is uncut
Stripes of uncut portions appear down the length of the mat


The following can cause this this concern:

If one specific side of every image is not cut well or at all, the issue is with the blade itself. One specific side of the mat (or area of the mat) is not cut well or at all, the issue is with the cutting mat being worn down in that area, OR with the cutting strip being cut into in the offending area. This may occur on either side or in the center, and be a large or small area that is affected. If there are stripes of uncut portions appearing down the length of the mat or material, the issue is that the blade is not fully seated and so is bumping against the rubber stoppers or white pinch rollers during operation.


The following action can be taken to explore and resolve this concern:

One specific side of every image is uncut

Take the blade out of the Silhouette and carefully unscrew the blade cap (if using an older model cap style blade) or grip the tip of the blade and unscrew it. Some older ratchet blade models do not have a removable tip. If such is the case, extend the blade to a level of 10. NOTE: Please use caution as the blade is sharp.

Proceed to carefully make sure the blade swivels or rotates freely. This can be done by carefully taking the blade and pressing the tip lightly onto a firm surface. Rotate the blade a full 360 degrees so that the blade can be confirmed to swivel all the way around. Swiveling the blade around manually should get it unstuck and back into proper working condition.

One specific side of the mat (or area of the mat) is uncut

Lift the lid of the Silhouette and inspect the black cutting strip. If materials have been used without the cutting mat and the Thickness setting too high in the Silhouette Studio® program, the cutting strip may have been inadvertently damaged. Such would impair further cutting results.

Indentations on this strip are normal and will be experienced. The cutting strip will be naturally indented with the cutting process. Fraying, however, indicates the strip is damaged. The cutting strip typically doesn't need to be replaced unless it is affecting cutting results. If this is the concern, a replacement cutting strip can be purchased. Please click here for instructions on replacing the cutting strip.

Stripes of uncut portions appear down the length of the mat

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