Printing text


Text is defaulted to only cut when created in the Silhouette Studio® software program. However, some projects require text to be printed or you may wish to add text to an existing project to be printed out for use in a print & cut job. Text can be set to print and additionally supressed from being cut, if desired.

How To

In order to print text created from the Text feature, you may do the following:

Create your text using the Text feature in the Silhouette Studio software Select the created text Go to the Fill Color (or other Fill type feature) Select the color or fill type for your text

This action will have your text made into a printable format that can be viewed by your printer. If you wish to additionally suppress the cut lines so that the text is only being printed rather than cut out as well, proceed with the following steps:

Go to the Cut Style option (for V2 and lower) 
or the Cut Settings option (for V3 and higher)
cut_style With the text selected, click on the No Cut option

This will make it so the text is ignored during the cutting process.