Print & Cut - Overview and How-To

What is Print & Cut?

Print & Cut projects involve sending a project from the Silhouette Studio program to be printed by your printer, and then loading the printed page into your Silhouette cutting machine to be cut out, usually around the printed design's contour.

In order to do this, you will use the Registration Marks feature. This adds a series of marks that are printed on the corners of your page. The Silhouette cutting machine's optic sensor will find the registration marks on your printed material and know accordingly where to cut your defined cut lines, usually around the contour of the printed design.

All Silhouette machine models have an optic sensor to accommodate the Print & Cut feature.

Some designs offered from the Silhouette Design Store are ready-made Print & Cut designs. You can identify these by the "P" appearing on the thumbnail's bottom left-hand corner.

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How to Print & Cut

Print & Cut projects are slightly more advanced jobs. If you are new to the Silhouette system, we recommend practicing with simple designs and inexpensive materials while learning how to perform Print & Cut jobs.

To perform a Print & Cut job, please perform the following steps:
⚠ IMPORTANT: Please follow these steps in the exact order listed in order to properly set up your job.

Click on the New File icon to start a new job As you open a new file, the Page Setup panel will be opened on the right-hand side of your screen. Under the Design Area Setup options in this panel, select the following: Adjust your Media Size to match your actual printed paper size. In most cases this will be 8.5" x 11". Select the mat size in use. A cutting mat is recommended for a successful print and cut project, regardless of material type. Check the boxes next to Show Print Border and Show Cut Border.
NOTE: This will help you to see where you are able to place printed information (inside the grey border) and cut information (inside the red border). They borders are usually slightly different. In the Page Setup panel, click on the Registration Marks icon. This is the third icon listed at the top of the panel. Select to turn Registration Marks "On"
NOTE: You should now see a series of Registration marks in the corners of your workspace. These marks will be printed as you send your job to the printer and will allow the Silhouette cutting machine to scan and find these marks so it knows where your cut lines should be cut around the printed image accordingly. Click on the Restore Defaults option
NOTE: While the registration marks can be adjusted and may work well for certain jobs, we recommend using the defaults if this is your first job in order to ensure results. Place your Print & Cut design onto your workspace and size it as desired
⚠ IMPORTANT: Ensure your design is not overlapping the registration marks, hash mark areas, cut border, or print border. Once ready, click on the Print icon to send your job to your printer After your page is printed, load the printed page onto your cutting mat and proceed to load the cutting mat into the Silhouette cutting machine Go to the SEND panel Select your material settings Proceed to click on the Send option when ready
NOTE: The program will walk you through the process as it works to detect the registration marks After finding all Registration Marks, the machine will proceed to cut

Click here for an an alternate written walk-through with images.

Maximum Size for Print & Cut Jobs

​The maximum sizing of the possible print area is defined by your printer. The Silhouette Studio program will technically allow you to define your media size and place registration marks on larger page sizes according to your printer's size restrictions.

The maximum cutting size is defined by your Silhouette cutting machine model.

If you have a Portrait model, then the maximum Print & Cut media size would be 8.5 x 11 inches.

If you have a Cameo (12") model, then the maximum Print & Cut material size would be 12 x 12 inches. Larger Cameo models can technically allow larger material sizes, but we recommend a maximum material size of 12 x 12 inches and to use a cutting mat in order to ensure proper Print & Cut registration alignment.

If you have a Curio model, then the maximum Print & Cut material size would depend on your machine base size. If using the default base included with the machine, then the maximum Print & Cut material size would be 8.5 x 6 inches. If using the large base (sold separately), then the maximum Print & Cut material size would be 8.5 x 11 inches.

Getting Started with Print & Cut (Video Walkthrough)

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