Pen holder guide and specifications


The Pen Holder includes a main body, a cap (for precise pen tip placement), and three adapters for various pen body sizes (small, medium, and large).

The Pen Holder is compatible with a range of smaller pens (such as standard cylindrical and hexigonal shaped pens) up to a basic-sized felt-tip pen type (such as a Sharpie®).

How To

The following steps can be taken to use various pens in the Pen Holder.

1. (If needed) Remove the current pen holder adapter from the body​


2. Place the needed pen holder adapter (small/blue, medium/white, or large/grey) into the Pen Holder body to match the desired pen size


3. Place your pen into the Pen Holder


4. Tighten the pen holder adapter (collett) by twisting clockwise until the pen is tightly in place


5. Remove the pen guide cap (which is in place to ensure the pen tip is set to protrude the proper distance; the tip of the pen should appear where the end of the cap was once the cap is removed)


6. Place the pen holder into the Silhouette


7. Turn the Silhouette's lock lever to the right to lock it into place