Multi-cutter support (Business Edition)


Silhouette Studio® Business Edition is a version of the Silhouette Studio® software program which users may upgrade to ( This specific edition provides multi-cutter support. This means that when using the Business Edition, you are provided the ability to send cut jobs to multiple Silhouette cutting units at the same time as they are hooked up to your computer. 

How To

To utilize the ability to send jobs to multiple Silhouette units hooked up to the same computer, you may simply go to the Send to Silhouette panel and select which Silhouette unit you would like to send the job to and then press the Start button.

You can use this feature to cut the same job or different jobs for whichever document tab is selected and actively displayed as you opt to start the job.

The option to use multiple Silhouette units also provides the capability in the Business Edition to name your Silhouette units within the program. This is so you are able to determine which job is being sent to which unit. To rename a connected Silhouette, simply click on the Silhouette model name (shown in grey below) in the Send to Silhouette Screen:


Once you click on the model name, you can type in any new desired name for the specific Silhouette unit. The name will be retained whenever using the computer that was used to create the name, even if the unit is unplugged and then later plugged back in. However, please note that the naming is specific to the computer in question.