Matrix Copy feature (Business Edition)


The Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides a Matrix Copy feature. This feature will provide the ability to create matrix of multiple copies of the same project that are replicated during the processing of the cut job but which do not actually alter or effect your original design.

How To

The Copy feature is availabe only when running the Business Edition version in the Media Layout mode.

While the original design can retain its original design layout, the Copy panel options will provide a method to replicate the design to cut multiple copies as desired.

The following options are available in the Copy panel:

Rows - This option will provide multiple rows of the job as defined.

Columns - This option will provide multiple columns of the job as defined.

Limit to Media - Pressing this button will take the specified numbers for the rows and columns entered and remove any which exceed the allowed size of your media size.

Separation - The Horizontal option determines the horizontal spacing between copies while the Vertical option determines the vertical spacing between copies.