Library disappears when the software is closed

Issue Description

The Silhouette Studio® software is closed and upon re-opening the library appears to be blank. Even if the library contents are recovered, the library appears to be blank again if the software is again re-started.


While still actually present on the computer, the library cannot be called up by the software due to a permissions issue.


The following steps can be taken to resolve this concern:

Open the Silhouette Studio® program
NOTE: Update to the latest version if you are not already running the latest software version Go to the Silhouette Studio menu (Mac) OR Edit menu (Windows) Select Preferences > Advanced. Select the Set Library Permissions option.
NOTE: Please be patient after clicking on this as it may take a few moments to engage the User Account Control settings for your computer. If for any reason this does not work and you are on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, you may wish to close the program and then re-launch it by right-clicking on the program shortcut and opting to "Run as an Administrator". Once the program permissions are set, in the Advanced Preferences menu select the Reindex My Library option
NOTE: Depending on the number of images owned, this may take a few minutes Close and re-open the Silhouette Studio® program to ensure the library is displayed properly