LCD screen not in English

Issue Description

The LCD screen on the Silhouette is not in English or displayes unfamiliar characters.


The machine has been inadvertently adjusted to display in Japanese.


Silhouette CAMEO® 

Select either of the top two options listed on your screen 
NOTE: If there is only one option, then you are already on the next screen you will need to get to Once on the screen with a single option, press the ◄ (left arrow) and ENTER buttons together When brought to a new series of menus, press the ► (right arrow) button until you come to a menu that shows the word English Select the English option Press the ENTER button

Silhouette SD

Use the scrolling arrows on the Silhouette machine until you come to a screen where the first character does not appear like the number "3". Once you are on this screen, press ENTER Arrow over until you see English displayed Once you see English, press the ENTER button