Knife set tools (Designer Edition)


The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition provides enhanced knife tools to allow greater control for the knife feature.



How To

Knife Options

To access the knife set in the Designer Edition, select the Knife icon:

This panel will allow you to select the knife tool set patterns as well as adjust how the cut image is treated.

Knife Tool Set

A series of knife patterns are provided to allow you to cut images with various patterns. The first four knives are similar to the basic Line, Polygon, Curved Shape, and Freehand drawing tools. They allow you to draw a knife line point to point until you double click to end the created line (or simply release your mouse in the case of the "Freehand" style).

The next section (starting with the "Triangular" style) allow you to draw a patterned knife line through your image to cut your image with the selected pattern.

Knife Behavior Type

You may also select to treat shapes as either solid shapes where the knife line drawn. This will either re-closed the image on either side of the applied knife cut (as the basic Silhouette Studio® offers), or to treat the image as an outline and simply sever the image without closing the image on either side of the cut.

Knife Application Method

When Auto Apply is selected, the cut is immediately applied. When this option is un-checked, you are provided the ability with some knife styles to manipulate your the knife line before applying the effect.

In the example above where a Square style knife has been selected and Auto Apply is un-checked, you are shown the a series of control points allowing you to manipulate the line.

The bar in the middle allows you to slide left or right to increase or decrease the frequency of the effect (in this case to have more squares or less squares along the knife line).

The white points at either end allow you to move the position of knife line, and the red point at the start of the knife line will control the height and depth of the effect (in this case to have the troughs and peaks farther apart).