Font preview blank in library

Issue Description

The font name appears in the My Fonts section of the library as a blank image noting the font name, but has no preview to show the actual font style image, the font is showing in the library but not in the font list, or the font is not showing in the library at all.

This is generally due to a permissions error where the Operating System needs to allow access to the Silhouette Studio® software to have permission to install a font onto the computer.

Please note, fonts sometimes have different names in the software font list than they do in the store. The initials of the artist are often at the front of the font name, causing them to be in a different location in the list than the customer is expecting. For example, Jersey Font, by Lori Whitlock, appears in the font list as LW Jersey.


The following steps may be taken to resolve this concern:

Open the Silhouette Studio® software program Go to the Library Go to the My Fonts section Right-click on the font name Select the Install option

NOTE: This process will only work for fonts downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store. If the font was obtained from another source, it should not be installed into the My Fonts section of the library. Other fonts may simply be installed into the Fonts directory of the computer and then the software re-opened.



If the above troubleshooting fails on a MAC, please proceed to do the following:

Close the Silhouette Studio software Open the Finder Press CMD+SHIFT+G Type in /library Press GO Right-click (CTRL+Click) on the FONTS folder Select GET INFO from the drop-down menu Scroll to the bottom of the Get Info window Select the LOCK at the bottom of the Get Info window If requested, enter the computer administrative user name and password Select the + near bottom of the Sharing & Permissions section Select your User Name Click on the SELECT button Change the permissions associated with your newly added user to READ AND WRITE Select the LOCK at the bottom of the Get Info window Re-open Silhouette Studio



If the above troubleshooting fails on a PC, please proceed to do the following:

Select the Start Button/Windows Icon Windows Vista/7 - Place the cursor in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu Windows 8 - Select the magnifying glass at the upper right of the Start Menu Type in %programfiles(x86)% Press Enter Right Click on the Folder Silhouette America If Silhouette America folder is not present, right click on Silhouette Studio folder Select the Properties option Select the Security tab Select the Advanced Button (If Present) Select the Change Permissions button and provide authorization Check the box entitled "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object" Select Yes on the Windows Security pop-up Select Okay Attempt to start Silhouette Studio


If these steps are unsuccessful, this would indicate that there is a firewall (such as Norton, McAfee, Windows Firewall, etc) blocking the Silhouette Studio® software program accessing the Silhouette Design Store through the computer's native web browser (Internet Explorer for PC).

Begin by determining what firewall program is present on your computer. Often, this may be bundled into an antivirus software program. Once determined, access the antivirus/firewall program (such as Norton, McAfee, etc) and edit the "Allowed" programs for the firewall settings and "Allow" "Silhouette Studio" to have access to the internet.

As all antivirus and firewall programs are different in their setups, it is not possible to provide a specific walk-through for every program available. We can, however, relay that most often there is a section dealing with "Program Permissions", which is the likely section that needs adjustment to "Allow" the "Silhouette Studio" program.