Eraser set tools (Designer Edition)


The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition provides enhanced eraser features to allow greater control for the basic eraser feature.

How To

Eraser Options

To access the eraser features in the Designer Edition, select the Eraser icon:

This panel will allow you to select the eraser shapes and size control as well as adjust how the erased image is treated.

Eraser Shape & Size

You may either select a square or circular eraser in a series of preset sizes. Below these options, you are provided the ability to re-size the eraser curson to any desired dimension by clicking and dragging on the white control point to the right of the eraser cursor showing the reported width.

Eraser Behavior Type

You may also select to treat shapes as either solid shapes where the erased portion is re-closed (as the basic Silhouette Studio® offers), or to treat the image as an outline and erase portions of lines without closing the image.