Effects feature


Silhouette Studio® (V3.3 or higher) provides an Effects feature for adjusting imported raster images, gradient fills, and pattern fills:

NOTE: The Effects feature does not work with images filled with the Fill Color feature.

How To

Once you have an image created and selected which contains either an imported raster image (such as a JPG, PNG, or BMP file), gradient fills, and pattern fill, you may go the Effects panel to adjust the image with varying Effects options. All options are controlled by scroll bars that can be dragged to acheive the desired effect.

As desired effects are acheived, you may click on the "Apply Effects" option at the bottom of the Effects panel in order to set the effect into place. If the "Apply Effects" option is not selected, while the effect may still be displayed, it is not retained if trying to utilize another alternate effect to combine differing effects for the same image.

The following Effects options are available:


The None option will remove any non-applied Effects and revert the image to its original form.

Grey Shade

The Grey Shade option will convert the image to a grey tone image. The higher the Amount that is applied, the more grey tone will be applied to any color appearing in the image.


The Colorize option will cycle through the Hue of color or colors appearing in the selected image.

Contrast, Brightness, & Saturation

These controls allow you to adjust the range of Contrast, Brightness, and color Saturation of the selected image. 


The Gamma option controls the image's intensity, where lower scale levels will darken and intensify the image and higher scale levels will lighten and soften the image's intensity.


The Invert option inverts the image's color scheme where the defaulted 0.0 setting is the original color and the top 100.0 scale setting is a full inversion of coloring.


The Sepia option will convert the image to a sepia tone image. The higher the Strength that is applied, the more sepia tone will be applied to any color appearing in the image.


The Tint option controls the specific levels or Red, Green, and Blue tint of the selected image's coloring.

Can't see or can't use Effects option

Please click here if you are unable to view or use the Effects feature.