Download Card code not working

Issue Description

Credit from a Download Card code cannot be properly applied onto a Silhouette Design Store account. An error is received stating:

The card number you specified is invalid. Please check the number on your card and try again.


The following concerns can cause this concern:

The code is being entered incorrectly The code is being entered into the wrong location (on the site instead of the Silhouette Design Store) The code has already been applied onto an account


You may load your download card onto your account by doing the following:

Open the Silhouette Studio® program Click on Silhouette Design Store button to access your account Visit the my account link Click on the link option labeled Add a Download Card to my Balance

The amount of any available credit will immediately be added to your account once the 16 digit code is entered.

If the code is not working, please ensure that you are using the code found behind the silver strip on the back of your download card (as opposed to the 5 digit code found on the bottom right-hand corner of the card). The 16-digit code behind the silver strip should be entered without any spaces. Please also note that we sometimes find that "6" and "G" or "V" and "Y" may appear to be very similar. If your code contains any of these letters or numbers, you may wish to attempt to use the alternate similar appearing character.

If you are using the correct code from behind the silver strip, please contact with the following information:

Your Silhouette account email address The download card ID number (the 5 digit code in the bottom right-hand corner) The card's 16-digit code

A video showing how to load your Download Card is shown below: