Cutting separate layers of an image

How To

You may cut various designs in separate layers in one of the following ways:

Cut the exact same image multiple times with different color materials. Then mix and match the different parts of the image by nesting the different colors within each other. Separate the image prior to cutting. Then proceed to cut the various image parts in different color materials. Layer the end result by placing layers on top of each other.

The following steps may be taken to employ the second method:

Select the image after it has been sized as desired Right-click on the image Select Ungroup
NOTE: Some images are compound path images and instead require you to select "Release Compound Path", which will achieve the same end Click outside of the image so that it is no longer selected Click on any desired line in the image you wish to alter or move
NOTE: You may wish to Zoom In if you are having problems selecting the desired image portion Portions of the image may now be dragged onto the inactive grey area so they are ignored from being cut Proceed to cut the remaining image portions in the desired color Repeat the above steps 5 - 7 for further color layers desired to be cut